Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Latest Additions

Here are the latest additions to the King’s forces in New France…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

A couple samples from John; on the left is an RSM 95 figure he gave me from a recent order he placed, on the right is a newly remastered figure of his own.

Batch #1 of my new Troupes de la Marine from Old Glory. As they’re in waistcoats and forage caps I figured they were on campaign – raiding the frontiers of the New England colonies (which is indeed precisely what I wanted them for!). As such I removed the bayonets that were on the end of all their muskets, as I didn’t think it would have been something that was done… having one’s bayonet fixed while running about in the thick woods, that is…

Does anyone out in internetland happen to know who modeled these? I’m just curious as I thought some of them to be strikingly similar in face and pose to some of the Aritzan Designs WW2 DAK Germans I have…

I’m going to try and finish up another batch of these tonight, maybe some Indians too.

I have been working on the masters a little bit some shaving and sanding here and there and I’ve added ears to most and a toque to one and then shaved most of it off… More on that later.

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