Sunday, March 9, 2008

A Little Bit More…

Not much work has been done on the masters since Wednesday. After the game on Thursday I did a little bit of work – since we finished so early….

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

I finished up my musket. It's not a great picture, but I’m really quite pleased with it - the musket that is...

I got all the 28mm figures up to the same point so they can progress together. Of course, they’re just about at the point where I need to start doing details – which may differ significantly on some…

I also need to decide which these are going to be. According to my original PLAN I was to make the following:

British Fusilier
British Grenadier
British Light Infantryman
British Officer
British Drummer
British Ensign

Highland Fusilier?
Highland Grenadier?
Highland Officer?
Highland Piper?
Highland Ensign?
American Ranger?

French Fusilier
French Grenadier
French Officer
French Drummer
French Ensign

French Troupe de la Marine Fusilier
French Militiaman


Now I don’t really need Highlanders any time soon as I have enough of the Rafm ones for the battle, and I now have Old Glory ones for skirmishing with (see below). Same goes for the Rangers and Indians. I could skip doing drummers, for sure, I don't really need them, and possibly the ensigns (convert a regular fusilier or officer for each one needed). The French… well… I have over half of them done using John’s figures… and he’s just remastered his figures and leant me a mould (plus I have a pile of his old officers, etc). So there’s no real need to do my own French right now… So that leaves Comapnies Franches de la Marine fusiliers and New France Militia, and British regular fusiliers, grenadiers, light infantry and officers… conveniently that is six masters I actually NEED to make, and I just happen to have six started… It’s almost like I planned it that way…

I’d like to do the rest at some point (my own French and Highlanders, etc.) but for now I got to keep my eyes set on the immediate GOAL.

Work on the masters has been stalled somewhat due to the arrival of some new toys… 6 bags of Old Glory figures; Rangers, Highlanders, French Militia, Companies Franches de la Marine, and two bags of Indians…. Plus another bag of Marines from the Pirate line (which is only 15, so it’s like a half bag)… and some other stuff… These will all be individually mounted for skirmish actions – I do like some variation in figures for skirmish games, and nowhere can you get so many figures for so little money!?

My excitement to get to work on these will probably slow progress on the masters somewhat but that’s okay because it’s all working towards that common goal. Also I can’t do too much work on the masters before I’ll need the muskets, and I currently have no rubber. I’m not all that keen on the idea of ordering any for the next month as, despite the unnaturally warm weather of the last couple days, we could still see another big dip in the temperature and I’d hate to have a batch of rubber show up and be effed because it sat in the back of a truck at temperatures below freezing for a day or two on while it’s way to me!

Maybe I can convince John to make one little mould for me…

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

More painting, more modeling…


  1. just a friendly question from a fellow canuck.

    Where do you get your RTV?
    (if you use RTV for your moulds)

    My local bulk supplier is no longer carrying it and the larger supplier in Vancouver is also getting no more in bulk, so I shall have to pay much more for a lot of smaller kits or start finding a new supplier...thus the reason for the question.


  2. I got my RTV from a place called Castings in Eastsound, WA.

    My friend John has gotten his from different places. I think the last time he got some it was from some place in Canada. I'll try to remember to ask him and I'll post the info...