Thursday, May 8, 2008

More Russians, Different Conflict… and a musket

Last night I had a pretty productive evening…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

First I went over to my friend John’s house to pour the first half of my musket mould (I’m all out of RTV…). Of course I took this picture and then forgot to take any of the pouring process… DOH! Ah well, when I actually get around to moulding the figures I’ll take some…

Then I stayed up way too late and finished off some Russians for the Great War/Russian Civil War for my game this evening. The MG team on the left are Bolsheviks from Coppelstone Castings. The field gun and crew on the right are from Battle Honours. I like the Battle Honours stuff – very economical, nice casts, they fit nicely with my own figures – the only complaint I have is that this particular pack came with a WW2 Russian AT crewman…

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

AAR for this evening’s game…


  1. What do you use to keep the rubber for the 2nd half of the mold from sticking to the 2st half while the mold cures?
    I'm asking because I got some mold-making stuff (mold box, rubber, etc.) and it came with a "cream" to keep the 2 halves from sticking, but the cream is kind of thick and coarse and gets in the way of maing a good finely detailed mold.

  2. Vaseline.

    John's always used vaseline. I bought some "mould cream" when I bought my first batch of rubber, used it once, then went back to Vaseline...

  3. ....although he wasn't using RTV, I always remember Don Featherstone recommending liquid soap, or powdered graphite (ie. centre of a pencil) for his plaster moulds - I used to use slightly diluted washing up liquid...

  4. Thanks for the tips!
    I made another test mold yesterday and used some talcum powder I had purchased a while ago. It worked better than the cream.
    I'll have to give the vaseline a try. I use it sometimes for lubricating sculpting tools to keep the greenstuff from sticking.
    I think I'll also try graphite powder. I've heard somewhere that it helps in getting good cast, too.