Wednesday, January 7, 2009


…as the less well know Great War poet, Pvt. S. Baldric, wrote…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

Yet more GW dwarfs from the new Skull Pass boxed set.. This time a stand of Artillery for my Hordes of the Things Dwarf Army.

Some Foundry Picts I picked (no pun intended) up off ebay arrived yesterday. Looks like I have enough of the infantry for a DBA army (using my particular basing system…). I just need to pick up a chariot and some Light Horse. At first I was looking at the Foundry one, which looks nice and all… but the $17US postage on top of the $26US for the model… GAH! Looking around I found the one from Gripping Beast – which looks just as nice, and costs way less! So I guess I’ll have to fit that into the budget somehow… well... once I actually get PAINTING the Picts…


  1. Tim
    Your use of GW figures is very inspiring...I have a bundle of Tomb Kings in my games room that i have sat an contemplated many times.. will i try to complete a WHF army (I've never played the system) or will I use them for another HotT army?

    Decisions decisions...


  2. Thanks Robin,

    Go with HOTT! It's a very clever system.

    I've played both. Nothing really wrong with Warhammer. I found magic over-powerful.

    You can probably find a way to make the base sizes work for both.