Saturday, January 24, 2009

Gallopin’ Elfies

In an effort to woo Amanda into playing further games of Hordes of the Things I cranked out a couple stands of “Riders” as a new option for the Elf army she’s been using. This isn’t JUST because she’s a girl and therefore likes horsies (she IS, and she DOES…) but from our previous games she recognized a)the value of my “Beasts” ability to charge around the flanks of an army and be a general menace and b) that it’d be nice to have something that could move quickly enough to DEAL WITH things charging around her flanks…

I think I might have another HOTT date lined up for Sunday, so we’ll see how it works out then…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

These are GW Wood Elf Glade Riders that I got a sprue of in a trade. In the trade I got a whole bunch of single sprues of this and that. I was wondering what the hell I’d do with them all when I got them. They’ve turned out pretty handy for making HOTT stands (Thanks Sean!)

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

I’ve still got the Silverhelms on the painting table and some goblinses and dwarfsies….

My goal is to be able to field a Dwarf and an Orcsie-Goblin army by the end of February (in addition to the Elf, Viking and Saxon ones I can currently field…). It’d be nice if I could crank out another and be able to filed three a side for the Wargaming Birthday Bash… Hmmmm I don’t think it’s going to be orcs… too many HORDES! Maybe some more Vikings…?

Through March and April I’ll crank out an Undead and Norman army (assuming I ever GET the Norman Army – Nudge, nudge…). That will leave May to build some strongholds, more terrain squares, and a few more optional extras for the various armies…


  1. Nice elf horsies! ;-)
    I have some glade riders from back when they were metal riders and plastic horses for my old wood elf army.

  2. Nice horses; are you using a wash on top of the paint or just highlighting and black lining?

    Bob in Edmonton

  3. Thanks Guys!

    I don't think I've ever used washes. I under paint with black gesso and then paint on colours leaving an outline of black where I want some definition. Quick-simple-effective. I'm all about "getting there fastest with the mostest".

  4. Nice work!

    I've included this in my round-up of the week's best gaming posts.