Monday, January 19, 2009

Orcish Baddies

In my previous post I had alluded to spending a good deal of Saturday painting some baddies for my Savage Saturday game. Here are said baddies:

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

the big baddies. Three of these are citadel minis… really OLD citadel minis, the big one, I think, might be a WOTC D&D figure… but I’m not entirely sure…

The goblin front and center is an old Citadel mini, the four identical ones on the left are old Ral Partha “Greater Goblins”, the three archers on the right are iKore Celtos beasties.

All will be used for Savage Worlds skirmishing. I have another dozen or so to finish up, but I may work on a couple stands of hordes for my Hordes of the Things armies… we shall see…


  1. I like that goblin flesh color you used.

  2. Have you ever tried using Savage Worlds Skirmish rules for a fantasy warbands game similar to GW's Mordheim?

    I've been itch'n to try something like that...

  3. We've played one off games like that.. also some Rippers... but haven't gotten around to any sort of campaign.... Well, some of the "one off games" were supposed to be the beginning of campaigns that never really got off the ground.

    I always thought it would be fun to do, in theory. Teh problem is the point system for Savage Worlds is crap - as indeed are all point systems I have come across. So it's kind of hard to come up with a competitive campaign system that someone won't find a loop-hole or find some way to break the system and build an uber-army.

    You'd have to play with only like-minded folks. People who have the same style of play that are interested in having fun and not there to WIN!!

    Even among "friends" there can be considerable differences in what is "fun" and what style of play is acceptable.

    One friend tried coming up with some lists for a sci-fi campaign. Two of the guys build tiny uber-forces with tanks and supremo-power armour that most others wouldn't even be able to penetrate... and it died before it even got started. There was no point to it at all. The games would be see how many turns it takes for uber-player to wipe out the organizers force...

    So I kind of prefer to set up one-off scenarios or run campaigns like a role-playing campaign where I play all the "bad guys" and the players have their own wild card and sometime control small groups of extras and, more or less, cooperate (at least in theory...).