Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Back on Track… mostly…

For any that thought I was wavering from the path and not staying focus on the project – BOO-YAH! Check this out:

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

Two more stands of Goblin Horde! (the new ones - center and right of the picture - are shown here with the previously finished one). The reason I’ve been kind of putting this off is… well… it’s three times as many figures to paint for the same amount of Army Points as almost any other army… The Undead are going to be the same way… Luckily these are so dead easy to paint.

The figures are Games Workshop plastic Night Goblins from the Skull Pass boxed set. I picked them up as bits dirt cheap from Hoard O Bits. I’m going with the uniform black just to speed things up – as all I have to do is dry brush a little Charcoal Grey over the black undercoat and that’s 80% of the surface area of them covered and all I have to do is the details…

I have three more stands worth of these to paint, and just ordered enough to finsh up another three…

If that weren’t crazy enough I have another NINE stands of plastic Moria Goblins!? I could have used them, I suppose, but I was thinking I’d save them for a completely separate Lord of the Rings Orc/Goblin army

No I am not “distracted”!? I’m allowed to do an occasional thing here and that not related to THE PROJECT… This non-distaction is from Copplestone Castings Future Wars line. I simply love the figures. I don’t know why. Dead easy to paint I suppose. They’re a touch on the pricey side, though…

Of course I ordered some new Reaper Chronoscope figures with that latest order from Hoards…

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  1. Tim

    I totally agree with you.. I too am definitely NOT distracted from the Great war Spearhead armies, nor the League of Augsberg armies that I have been working on for several years.. i am able to stop painting HotT armies any jolly time I choose.. no, seriously, I can..... honestly ...... truly.. any old time..