Saturday, March 28, 2009

Norman Infantry

The beginnings of some Norman Infantry for CVT. Two stands of Psiloi and a stand of spear (if you’re familiar with DBA and not so familiar with this blog… well… you’ll notice we do things a little different around here…).

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

These Psiloi are all from Old Glory

The Spear are from Gripping Beast.

I have two more stands of Spear to do and a stand of two of crossbowmen (Bow/Shooters), then I have Two more stands of Knights and a stand of Cavalry and a stand of Light Horse and I’m DONE!!! Well… then there’s some other stuff he sent that I might paint… and then there’s MY Norman army to paint...

Before finishing up any of those, however, I’ll probably finish off a few more LOTR Orcs and/or Goblins. I got a Moria Goblin King and Drummers off ebay for a general stand for an army of Moria (just finished the drummers this evening) and some more Uruk-hai and Mordor Orcs off a local fellow (Thanks Paz!)… So I might do a stand or two of those before carrying on with the Normans… just to keep things… “fresh”…

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