Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Kicking off the Campaign Play-Test...

As mentioned in the previous post I am running a quick play-test of my Campaig System for the HOTT Campaign Weekend in June. I recruited seven players to play by email – one seasonal turn per day, we’ll play for a week, see how things turn out.

Well already this has been a TONNE of fun… All of the players have REALLY gotten intothe roles and there has been much negotiating and alliance forming asn trash taling over the past day… I’m definitely going to have to start an email campaign in June after the Campaign Weekend… except with weekly turns so I can actually play out the battles that take place and write reports for those as well…

First thing I had them do was determine the location of their Field Armies then I sent out the following report:

(You can refer to the map here: Campaign Map)

..and so begins out saga….

In the year 823 of the New Age there began a war of a like this world has not seen before.

It began with a growing evil in the north…

King Christiankhamun V arose and swept across the ancient land of Amundala with an army of the dead. By spring his minions were poised to strike south from Tashaklabad to the kingdom of Narn to the South.

Orcs had been raiding the border fortresses of Dwarvia for centuries. But in the last year their raids have gotten larger and scouting parties have been probing deeper into the mountains. It has been rumoured that the great Warboss Timmillur has united the disparate orc and goblin tribes and has massed a great war host at Garlac…

The Dwarves under King Boblin (son of Bwain), always steady and ready to defend their lands, kept their field army in reserve at their capitol of Bohldur. The smoke pours thick and black from the mountain forges as the Dwarves make ready for war!

If the troubles from the North weren’t bad enough it was on this year that the kingdoms of the humans quarreled fiercely with each other. Duke Aethelbert (the Almost Ready) of Morgond ascended to the Throne of Angland after King Edwin (the odd) died with no apparent heirs. Duke Aethelbert’s claim to the throne was tenuous at best and the Kings of Narn and Nordland had equally tenuous claims…

The new King Aethelbert called out the Fyrd and raised his standard at Morgond, ready to defend his kingdom from all who would pretend to have claims to his throne!

Meanwhile Gunnlaug Crowbeak of Narn raised his standard at Nean and assembled his army… Is this an invasion force to claim his “right” to the throne of Angland or preparations to defend his lands from the unholy evil assembling in deserts to the North…?

Njal Rorikson, King of the Nord, Lord of the Isles, Hammer of the Angles has also been gathering his forces in a central location so as not to give away any plans he might have for conquest in the coming year… But gathering them he is at Starrsgard in unprecedented numbers. His enemies are sure to tremble before the fury of the Nordmen.

The Elves, usually stand-offish and willing to let the lesser races quarrel among themselves, saw that desperate times were upon them and gathered an army on the lsland of Quewedel

Stay tuned for the report of the goings on in TURN ONE – Spring 823…

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