Friday, May 15, 2009

Uruks and Spiders

As mentioned in the previous post I’ve finished up a pile of Uruk-hai lately. I thought I’d wait until the spears were done before posting pics… but that seems to be taking longer that I’d expected… I also finished up a couple of “Lurker” stands for HOTT. These are nominally part of one of my Orc armies (the “generic” one) but could easily find their way into others…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

The Uruk Hai. These are Lord of the Rings figures from Games Workshop. Most are plastic – except for the captain and one of the others. I got the captain off ebay, but couldn’t get a standard bearer so I converted on out of one of the spare pikemen…

I have three stands of pike/spear just about finished as well… This will complete the foot contingent of my Army of Isengard. Indeed right now I have 26AP ready to fight!

1x Magician (Sauruman)
2x Shooters (archers)
2x Warband (Uruk-hai Scouts)
1x Spear (Uruk-hai Pike)
5x Blade (Uruk-hai heavy foot – sword and shield)
1x Beast or Riders (Warg Riders)

I also have three more stands worth of Warg Riders, but they need some serious repairs – missing legs or wargs and arms or riders…

Here are a couple of Spider Lurker elements. These are also Games Workshop figures, from the Battle for Skull Pass boxed set. My other friend Tim had a few to spare and passed them on to me (Thanks Tim!). As I mentioned these are nominally destined for service my “Generic” Orc army but could easily find their way into others… While not exactly “allies” there were certainly Spiders “lurking” in the forest of Mirkwood in the Realm of the Wood Elves…

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

An Elf “Stronghold” for HOTT and hopefully some Uruk-hai Pike… and maybe a couple quick HOTT battle reports…


  1. These look great Tim. I'm so pumped to play on June 6th, you cannot believe it. Any chance of seeing a map and who is who before we arrive?

    Bob in Edmonton

  2. Oh I can believe it - if you're anywhere near as pumped as I am....!

    Yes, I now have eight definite confirmed players. I just need some more names to finish up the map - I'll try to get that done this week.

    I don't want to have TOO much negotiating before the weekend. Maybe about a week before I'll let everyone know who's who and where they're at on the map...

  3. The way you presented the spiders on their bases rock! Pretty inspiring stuff.