Monday, July 13, 2009

Bolsheviks Invade China!

Last week John and Rick and I got together to play some more Great War DBA. WE tried out some further tweaks to the the DBA1500-1900 Extension (by Tony Barr) that we have recently been adapting to the era.

China, 1920’s


Bolsheviks invade Sinkiang province in North East China!


The Bolshevik force is attacking a city in Sinkiang province. The local Chinese forces have had some time to prepare wire, etc.

Being a set-piece attack only the Chinese will have a "camp"/Built Up Area to defend



General (Spear) - Regular
6x Rifles - Conscript
1x MG - Regular
1x Trench mortar - Regular
2x Cavalry - Regular

3x 250 pace sections of Trench
5x 250 pace sections of Wire


General – Regular
12x Rifles - Conscript
3x Cavalry - Regular
2x MG - Regular


I don’t’ remember much, but here’s a few pics….

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

The Chinese defences before the city.

The Bolsheviks advance.

The attack goes in!

The Bolsheviks storm across the broken ground between the trenches and the wire in battalion assault columns!

The Bolsheviks cleared away the Chinese before them, but at a terrible cost!

At this point we realized that Rick had lost over 30% of his troops and so I was about to call it a Bolshevik victory when John pointed out that he had long since last 30% of his troops… whoops… ah well, fun was had by all…

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

This week’s looking pretty busy, I doubt I’ll get a game in.

Painting production has slowed a bit as well partly due to being busy doing other things, but also because I’ve been doing a bit of stock-taking and organizing and prepping and planning for future projects. More on that in a bit…

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