Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Campaign for Kümer – Year One – Autumn

The Map

It was no surprise to anyone when the hordes of the Orc host from Transil-Valishog-Atania arrived at the gates of Ghillebrae itself. The overwhelming force invested the fortress and ravaged the surrounding lands, burning what little crops and homes were outside of the mountain fastness. The siege ground on through the autumn and to the brink of winter when the gates were finally breeched and the orc horde poured into the stronghold slaying nearly all they could find inside… few were taken prisoner and sold as slaves or kept as hostages to guarantee the fealty of their new vassal….

The army of Ronarok had gave up their siege at Weinglenn, which seems to have only taken place due to a little misunderstanding that was quickly cleared up. They decamped and marched west out of the mountains and into the fertile plains of Tria Nomina. They camped east of the city of Cognomen and awaited the arrival of the Army of Mediocrito, they thought sure to come this way to defend their lands… but they did not come…

The Army of Tri Nomina had marched back south again to Weinglenn. Finding the Ronarokings no longer there, they themselves besieged the mountain stronghold. Despite the capitulation of their capitol the garrison at Weinglenn held on and fought bitterly against the traitors they had only months ago allowed to pass through their mountains as “allies”. As the days grew shorter and the nights colder the legions of Tria Nomina began preparations for the long march back to their lands through the Orc realms of the north…

The army of the Ilferien marched inland to the gates of Praenomen whereupon they issued the following statement:

"Senate and People of Tria Nomina!

Where now are the legions of Tria Nomina? Under the corrupt and foolish Imperator, having failed in a treacherous and craven assault on the defenceless city of Marham which even the gods of the sea attempted to dissuade, they are now forced to fight side by side with the vile Orc. The Imperator sits at the right knee of the foul Vlad Kinslayer, whispering endearments while acting as the Orc's cupbearer.

"The city fathers of Cognomen send their greetings. They have thrown off the shameful yoke of the Imperator and shall receive independence in the coming spring, as shall all the people of Tria Nomina if you, Senate and People, can find it in yourselves to cast down the Imperator's Praetorian Prefect and reclaim your ancient liberty. Punish Mediocritus' men as you choose-- we of the Ilferien have no desire to remain in this land, dispensing the justice that should rightly be dealt by the Senate and People."

The people of Praenomen, however still had faith that their leader and army would return to defend them and so they held out! There would be grumblings in the privacy of homes and in the back alleys when winter came and it was the Ilferien that simply left before their defender returned…. Would their resolve be so steadfast come spring…?

Meanwhile far to the south the Army of the Sapphic League returned to Otisburg to lift the siege of their new outpost there…

Second Battle of Otisburg

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version – sorry about the crap pictures this week – I realized afterwards that I’d had it on HI ISO setting so everything turned out washed out and grainy… ah well…)

The army of the Sapphic League arrived to relieve the Siege of Otisburg!

The Besiegers arrayed for battle!

The Armies closed..

The Elvish Sorceresses lit up some fireworkds and sent the trolls to flight!

The fast moving army of Grummsh closed quickly upon the Women Warriors.

The lines clashed with a thunderous CRUNCH!

One pack of wolves was wiped out, but so were the Centaur mares holding the right of the Sapphists line – with them out of the way the Orc General smashed through and headed for the stronghold!

The Orcs attacked the stronghold! The entire Sapphist line tried to turn and defend their newly built fortress! The Elvish Sorceresses were ridden down by Wolfriders as they rushed back to defend the fortress

General Libby charged back in a desperate bid to hold the fortress… but is unhorsed… er… uncatted…!? The remaining Sapphists then broke and ran!!

The Army of the Sapphists retired to Beavoir and the Army of Grummsh reasserted it’s claim to Otisburg! Everyone back to where they started in the south.

Country: Tria Nomina
Race: Humans
Head(s) of State: Aculeo Bibaculus Mediocrito, Imperator of Tria Nomina
Commander of the Field Army:
Capitol: Praenomen
Other Cities: Nomen, Agnomen
Location of Field Army: Weinglenn (siege)
Prestige Points: 3
Army Size: 16AP

Country: The Sapphic League of Unity and Togetherness
Race: Mixed – WOMEN!!
Head(s) of State: Myrah the Mighty, Chairperson of the Council of Empowerment of the Sapphic League of Unity and Togetherness.
Commander of the Field Army: General Libby
Capitol: Thatcherton
Other Cities: Bhutto, Beauvoir,
Location of Field Army: retiring to Beauvoir
Prestige Points: 8
Army Size: 14AP

Country: The Ilferien
Race: Ilferien (Elves)
Head(s) of State: Consul Rhalasa
Commander of the Field Army: Consul Sundiasen
Capitol: Melitele
Other Cities: Anasterele, Wynstrele, Dyladele, Cognomen
Location of Field Army: Praenomen
Prestige Points:
Army Size: 22AP

Country: Toctland – Vassal of Transil-Valishog-Atania
Race: Dwarves
Head(s) of State: King Malaius MacDoogleg
Commander of the Field Army: General Gilgidi MacAuslin
Capitol: Ghillebrae
Other Cities: Weinglenn
Location of Field Army: Valhalla!
Prestige Points: 2
Army Size: 0AP

Country: Ronarok
Race: Humans
Head(s) of State: King Claudius Hrosskellsen
Commander of the Field Army: Jarl Thorvald Skardsen
Capitol: Ludharn
Other Cities: Marham, Skohln
Location of Field Army: Cognomen
Prestige Points:
Army Size: 22AP

Country: Transil-Valishog-Atania
Race: Orcs
Head(s) of State: Vladimeag Votostogish (Vlad the Kinslayer)
Commander of the Field Army:
Capitol: Brasog
Other Cities: Gorj, Dolj, Toctglenn
Location of Field Army: Ghillebrae
Prestige Points: 12
Army Size: 24AP

Country: Grummsh
Race: Orcs
Head(s) of State: Bolg Skullcrusher
Commander of the Field Army:
Capitol: Marrow
Other Cities: Crudd, Otisburg
Location of Field Army: Otisburg
Prestige Points: 8
Army Size: 20AP

It has come to my attention that I never really explained the retreat to winter quarters thing adequetly.... I’ll have to do that tomorrow, however, as I’m just way to damn tired tonight… Also I need to clear up a few things about the Overlord-vassal relationship... and replacements... so stay tuned!


  1. Gosh, by the battle report that sounds like a quick (and furious) battle!

    1-0 to the Orcs then!

  2. For the army of Grummsh they'd be 1-1 as they were originally kicked out of Otisburg in the spring.

    The Orcs of Trans-Valishog-Atania are 3-0, but they had an assist from their bedfellows; the Tria Nominians!

  3. Wow dramatic end to a great campaign year! And a complete ass kicking for the Sapphists. Should make for an exciting Year 2!

  4. Not as complete as that of the dwarves!?

  5. True, but there is no need to rub that in for the dwarf player. That is rather small of you... .