Saturday, September 5, 2009

More Japanese

I cranked out a few more feudal Japanese types last night, just for fun. These will just be for Skirmish games using Savage Worlds – but there is a stand worth of ashigaru archers on the workbench I thought I’d crank out for fun as well before delving into some Norman goodness.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

The armoured Samurai Chick is an out-of-production Legends of the Five Rings figure from Reaper Miniatures. The rest are from Old Glory.


  1. Wow! The fellow on the far left looks a bit like Worf. But wow!

  2. I really like those minis, especially the one in the centre and the one with the naginata to the left of her. When you gonna do a Seven Samurai skirmish game?

  3. When am I gonna do a Seven Samurai skirmish game?

    Right after I get the movie from the library and watch it again (it's probably been 20 years...), and finish painting the seven samurai... and maybe some bad guys... and a village....

    So... next week?! (Don't hold your breath!)