Thursday, October 8, 2009

Viking Archers

Well… not Normans or Irish… but at least they’re for the “Dark Ages”

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

These are some Viking Archers from Gripping Beast. They’ll be replacing some Welsh Stand-ins as the optional Bow element in my Viking DBA Army.

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

ummm... Normans...? More Wolf Riders...? hard to say, there's a lot of half-finished stuff crowding my work area....


  1. Nice

    A DBA army is a nice starter for a new 25mm range

    I do the classical ancients in 15mm but after seeing your work 25mm is quite appealing

    How's the painting quota going?

  2. I have no plans to build anything bigger than DBA armies... I had thought about doing Warmaster in 25mm... but got playing DBA adn HOTT and I'm just having so much fun with that (and need so fewer figures - even when I put way more on a base than the "recommended" number...) why would I paint more than I need to for one army or another when I could just move on and do ANOTHER army!?

    Just doing DBA 12 stand armies is what has allowed me to run not one but TWO pretty successful wargames campaigns - realizing a dream I've had for darned near 20 years....


    Well, in terms of numbers I had hoped to paint MORE than I purchased this year... I had hoped to paint twice as much as I purchased this year, but I kind of shot myself in the foot on that one with the BIG RAFM SALE (Which, by the way, seems to still be on - if anyone wants some sweet 25mm ancients...)

    If I manage to crank out another 125 foot and another 21 mounted (and a few guns... and vehicles...) I'll have at least painted as much as I purchased...

    In terms of armies needed... well by February I need to finish up the Normans and Irish and Anglo-Saxon/Danish... and paint Pre-feudal Scotts, Welsh, and an additional Viking army...

    ...along with all the other distractions that inevitably pop up...

  3. Nicely done Mr. Tim. I always have liked your painting style and do my best to rip it off in 15mm land.

    Good luck with the Vikinoids tho' real Norsemen always take Berserk Wb's in DBA. (rawr)