Sunday, December 6, 2009

Kuni Witch Hunters

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

These are some “Kuni Witch Hunters” from AEG’s Legend of the Five Rings. The Kuni, I believe, are part of the Crab Clan – and so only one is painted in “proper” colours (the one in blue, brown, and red). I’ll probably just use these as generic Monk/Shugenja types in our Savage Saturday campaign.

This is an old Citadel (I think…?) orc that I recently stripped and repainted…

Wow I’m really going to have to step up production over the next couple weeks if I want to reach that goal of painting more than I’ve purchased. I really shot myself in the foot this week when I bid on three lots of Mega Miniatures. To be brutally honest they’re terrible figures… and I don’t REALLY have any need for them… but for about $16 I got 64 metal figures (haven’t even added them to the purchased total yet as they haven’t arrived)!? I’m just a sucker for a “good deal”. I guess I could just melt them down… Or slate them as “gifts” to give away… then they wouldn’t really “count” towards purchases for myself, right…?!

Ugh… I’m such a moron…

I did finish up enough Irish last night to complete the two optional Blade stands – just basing them today – pics tomorrow…. This brings me to six stands (having already completed four Psiloi) and the army is half way to being fieldable - six Auxilia to go. Not “finished”, mind you – I’d need an additional two Auxilia for that! Let’s see if I can finish off these Irish in the next week…. or at least have enough of them for a battle!


  1. Irish are an interesting army with all that Ax. It doesn't look too powerful but you get some good terrain and the 300 pace move and suddenly you have a lot of flexibility and the speed to shut the door.

  2. Yeah, we're all looking forward to trying them out. Them and the Welsh - which will be the next project.

    The Norman Knights have been pretty much dominating the battlefields against the Anglo-Danish and Vikings. I'm anxious to see how they fair against some red-haired savages hiding in the bushes, on top of steep hills and in the peat bogs....