Tuesday, December 8, 2009

More Japanese

..or Rokuganese…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

GAH!!! NOTHING irritates me more (when taking pictures of miniatures) than getting inside, downloading photos only to discovered there’s static grass stuck so someone’s head – Especially when it’s -40°C (because there’s just no way I’m going back out there to do another shoot!)

Anyway these, and the ones immediately below are from Old Glory. The above are from the “Villagers” pack.

Ashigaru - from respective archer and spear packs. The spears are home made from paperclips – hammering one end flat then filing to a point. Woorks pretty nice – better than sticking big chunky cast spear tips on to narrower steel rod…

A Crane Kenshinzen from AEG’s Legend of the Five Rings.

This fellow is a Keltos figure. The sword he came with was of absurd proportions so I replaced it with something a little more "reasonable" from my bitz box... It might be a GW Bit. Hopefully I won't get a C&D letter from their lawyers telling me I must remove the sword from the barbarians had as it is a violation of their intellectual property rights....

Damn... it looks like I forgot to paint a couple of his fingers!? (Almost as annoying as static grass on the head!?)

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:
Irish… no... really….

Or maybe a battle report from tonight’s game (which will NOT involve Irish…).


  1. Definetly looks like a GW elf sword. Watch your back!

    Nice work. Cheers!

  2. Ah, the old telegraph pole growing out of a friend's head problem. Done that.

  3. Sorry but I think those lined muscles looks strange. I'm not commenting like this to start a flame war, but seriously I would fade out the heavy lines between the muscles on that mini. Otherwise very good painting, especially the weapon!

  4. Cheers!

    meh.... Don't be sorry. I am too completely unconcerned about what anonymous people "would do" with a figure to get into a "flame war". You may paint for entirely different purposes than I (if indeed you paint at all - I'll assume that you do, I'll even go so far as to assume you are an awesome painter - I just say that because I've heard similar comments from people I know for a fact DON'T PAINT!?) - which could account for wildly different stylistic practices and tastes.

    I paint for the tabletop. I like heavy lines. I think it brings out the detail when looking at things from a distance (like on the tabletop).

    This is sot of what I was talking about when I commented about close-up photography a week or so back. If you're computer is anything like mine you're looking at a picture that's twice as big as the actual figure! Probably four times as big as it would ever appear to you on the tabletop. It's like taking an impressionist painting and blowing it up until you can see the paint strokes - it looks like crap. Take a a couple steps back and everything looks much better.

    Stand up and take four big steps back (if you've got the space) and have a look at the figure on your screen - it won't look nearly so "strange".

  5. Just so you know, it is clearly the Sword of Power from
    He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.

    Tim has lots of figures, and paints really well, but his true love is still He-Man.

  6. He-man...? Dude, I think Masters of the Universe were after my time.... by the time they were out I was already painting lead.

    Now I'll admit to having owned G.I.Joe (in two different scales - my troubles started early!)