Sunday, February 21, 2010

Elf Archers and Strike Commandos

I’ve been trying to finish up all the plastic GW Elves I have. Once they are done there’ll be enough of them to make a rather decent army all of their own (with options). I may even have just enough to make 36+ army points… and then I might sell them or trade them away… we’ll see… I still have antoher stand or two of knights, a Hero, a wizard, and some rangers (sneakers) to do…

At the same time I’ve been working on sci-fi stuff for some new campaign options at Savage Timmy’s Playhouse!

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

These are old Games Workshop/Citadel plastic Elves.

While I knew these were Void miniatures from I-Kore, I had forgotten what faction they were as I had long since disposed of the blisters they came in. I thought perhaps they were Viridians but I had two other types of troops that I knew were Viridians (Commandos, who are much more lightly equipped, and Assault Marines, who are in power armour) but none of the equipment really matched… so I wasn’t sure…. Anyway I found out that Scotia Grendel is still making these “Void 1.1” figures and these are indeed Viridian STRIKE Commandos…. Not that I care to play Void, or know (or care to know) anything about Viridians… It’s just helpful to know what they are should I ever decide to add to the force!

For now I have enough Strike Commandos to field a Troop of two sections – each section breaking down to two teams of 5, plus two section Commanders and a Troop Leader. No heavy/support weapons at the moment, although I’m not entirely sure there ARE any Strike Commando Support weapon figures…

The regular old (not-so-striking) Viridian Commandos – due to their similar light order of equipment, including scantly clad chests - will probably get lumped in with the few GW Catachan Imperial Guardsmen that I have.

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

More Elves, Strike Commandos and Space Ships… I have another team of five strike commandos more than half done. The few Elvish knights, hero and magician could all be done as a batch-lot. And I spent a bit of time assembling and prepping a few Aerotech craft the other night and they’re ready to go along with the rest of the Stellardate: 2998 ships I have…


  1. More space ships! Have you decided on rules? Full Thrust is fairly easy although the die rolling mechanic for damage can be a bit tedious--I replaced it with a card draw for damage (including a few catastrophic warp core breach cards and a few positive cards as well). Plays way faster!

  2. We'll probably try Savage Worlds first - as it's a system everyone here's familiar with... and we're playing a Sci-fi campaign on Savage Saturdays so their own characters could potentially be involved in space combat!