Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Another load of ebay goodies arrived today bringing the total of acquired foot up to 418...!? ...and there's even more on the way... (Good week on ebay - or "bad", depending on how you look at it).

I had kind of quietly resolved to myself to paint twice as much as I buy this year, but that would mean I'd have to paint over 800 figures this year... which I totally DID do last year... but I spent an absurd number of nights staying up WAAAAAAAAAAY past a sensible bed time to crank that many out... I may have to just resolve to paint more than I acquire... acquisitions x1.5 might still be possible...?



  1. Yes you should paint less, you make the rest of us feel bad with the shear volume you pump out.

  2. there always is the option of buying less instea...

    sorry, I got distracted by a flying pig ;-)

  3. Flying pigs, that's a good one!

    I just bought 100+ Warring States Chinese... But aside from that, I know what you are saying about staying up way too late! I'm sure it's taken years off my life! Off to bed for me :)


  4. yeah, the buying less option is soon to become a reality as I have already spent almost 2/3 of my annual budget (for personal expenditures)... and I need some new socks...

    I'm totally excited to see how that warring states campaign works out!

  5. I feel your pain. I wish I was as productive. I'm up to close to 200 more 25mm figures so far this year. Curse you, EBay, curse you...

  6. you don't need socks..

    How do you guys find time to post to the internet. If I go near a computer, I get no painting done at all.

  7. See, this is why I buy games! Less painting...