Monday, October 25, 2010

Nuthin' Much

Not a whole lot to report here...

I am still alive. Haven't played any games over the last week or so and what little time I've had to devote to hobby stuff has been spent re-basing moderns to slowly bring them up to the new basing standard.

I've mostly been working on Modern Africans (and equipment that could potentially be used by Modern Africans) as a friend expressed an interest in trying out AK-47 Republic. Might also give Cold War Commander a go again.

Of course as the new basing scheme has more figures per base I'll have less elements than I began with so I may end up painting a few 20mm moderns before this is all through.

After the dust settles on all this re-basing nonsense, I think I'm going to finish up some British and French Seven Years War stuff.

1 comment:

  1. If you're not doing much, then you should come on by and see my newly painted vikings. I've finished 10 out 12 elements and am very pleased with my rate of production.

    I'm paying attention to your 20mm moderns. Now that I have HOTT I think it would be fun to have a 1/72 US WWII army vs some 15mm grey aliens. With robots, of course.