Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 Gaming

Looking at the Board Game Geek Stats I played a few games this year.

Savage Worlds was the most played game at 47 plays. Of those it seems 20 were World War (or Weird War) Two games, 14 were Realms of Cthulhu, 4 were set in Rokugan (the setting of the Legends of the Five Rings series of games), and the balance (9) were likely Sci-Fi or generic fantasy skirmishes… SW skirmishing was up considerably from The Previous Year where I apparently only got in 18 games…

I apparently played 20 games of Kids of Carcasonne… I don’t remember playing that many… I’m not doubting it or anything, they must have mostly been at the beginning of the year.

In terms of other miniature wargames I only got in 6 games of DBA and 5 games of HOTT – both waaaay down from the previous year where I played 68 games of HOTT and 28 games of DBA…

I also played two games of Contemptible Little Armies, and an “Unpublished Prototype” – John’s homegrown “Old School” Horse and Musket rules. (and I WILL be giving Black Powder a try tonight!)

For next year…

While I definitely want to keep the weekly Savage Worlds games going, I hope to get some more wargaming in; Contemptible Little Armies, DBA, Hordes of the Things, and some Black Powder if it works out okay. I wouldn’t mind dusting off some of the moderns to get in a game or two of Cold War Commander or even Blitzkrieg Commander.

To facilitatie this I’m thinking I should set up a biweekly war game night and/or set aside one Saturday afternoon each month to play some games. Of course the Saturday afternoon I was also thinking I might use for some of the big board wargames I’ve pickedup recently… Age of Conan, Warrior Knights, Soldier Kings, Red Russia, etc.

I’d definitely like to run another HOTT or DBA campaign this year. Probably a weekend thing, but I’d like to try an extended wargames campaign with local players at some point…

We shall see. Thanks to everyone that played games with me this year – I hope we can play more in the coming year!


  1. I hope we can "lay more" myself, although not necessarily with you!

    Hilariously, the security word on this post is (I kid you not) "poodo".

  2. SW is an addictive system and fun for wargamers and roleplayers, so it is not surprising that you are using it a lot. I always wanted more from the damage to vehicles is savage though, which is one of the reasons I resolved to write my own rules in 2010.

  3. Yeah, the vehicle system leaves something to be desired. I totally rewrote the sailing rules for Pirates of the Spanish Main (you can find them under the "rules" label).