Monday, February 28, 2011

Royal Artillery Screw Gun and Martians!?

Um… Not Zulus…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

This is a Royal Artillery 7-pound Jointed Rifled Muzzle Loading Gun (The Screw Gun). The model is from Connoisseur Miniatures – which are currently available from Bicorne Miniatures.

These are two Space:1889 High Martians from RAFM. They’re actually meant to be flying and landed versions of the same Martian. I painted these up quickly, as one of the player characters in our new Space:1889 campaign (on Savage Saturday Night) is a High Maritian. I’ll be painting up the rest shortly as they feature as the baddies in a number of adventures.

RAFM still produces a lot of cool Space:1889 Miniatures.

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Well… Probably some Martians (Both High Martians and Canal Martians)… and some of Mikey K’s fantasy characters… and some Ruga Ruga… The latter I had started a while back and are close to being finished so I thought I’d… well… FINISH them – as they’d be useful for all sorts of colonial adventures right up to the Great War. The Martians I need for the aforementioned new SW campaign we’re startin. Mikey K’s stuff… well I told him I’d get it done over then next week or so… so I probably should…

THEN maybe I’ll get back to those Zulus…


  1. The artillery is very well painted. Nice one!!

  2. BOOM!!!


    Great flying martian, wonderful gun and crew.... you know the drill.. your work is great blah blah blah! LOL!

  3. Future projects, very nice ...but (ahem) your Napoleonics? ;)

  4. We're there screw guns at Waterloo...?

  5. Both models are greatly painted man!


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