Monday, July 4, 2011

So… ToonCon…

Toon Con 2011 is coming up in October. I’m planning to run a few games there. It seems like the organizers are trying to actually get stuff up on their site as they are hastling me (okay, one email and a friendly inquiry... a couple weeks ago...) about getting them info about exactly WHAT I’m going to run…


Who’s coming and what do you want to play…?! Here’s kind of what I had in mind:

Vimy Ridge 1917

I thought I’d run my Vimy 1917 game again. The game focused on the Canadian 4th Division’s assault at the far right of the line.

I have some work to do on the trenches. First of all, the figures are on new bases and no longer fit in the trenches. Also I kind of rushed the terrain and never really had the time to finish them up the way I’d have liked – with duckboards and revetting and sandbags and such. I might also make some newer (bigger) barrage markers. Otherwise everything is good to go for this one – figures complete and I more or less have a handle on the rules (the same modified Contemptible Little Armies I used last time)

The game is played with four players (all Canadians) with me playing the Germans (though last time I had a helper – Will – and that turned out to be very… well… HELPFUL!!)

Something “Colonial”

I’ve been pretty interested in the Zulu War of 1879 lately and been getting a lot of stuff ready for it. My eventual plan is to play out the campaign using Mark Fastoso and Roy Jones Colonial Campaigns: The Zulu War, 1879. I’m not sure if I’d have enough stuff for any of the big battles/scenarios presented in the book… or exactly what rules I’d use – probably something cobbled together based on Ever Victorious Armies – with a few ideas stolen from Black Powder and The Sword and the Flame.

Alternatively I could do something VSF/Space:1889-ish… using the same rules (with some additional tweaks) and half of the same figures (the British!)

I probably wouldn’t be able to do BOTH, however.

The Zulu scenarios look like they would handle three zulu players (or maybe four… or five – depending on the scenario and how many Zulus I got painted…) and maybe a couple british players (or maybe I could play the British and all the players could play the Zulus…?)

Savage Worlds!?

There are any number of Savage Worlds skirmishes I could throw down at the drop of a hat – so this is the one I most need feedback about… (so those who are coming – what would you sign up for and play!?) Here are just a few ideas:

Patrol/Sweep? Assault?
Up to four players – Easch player controls a squad of US soldiers vs. GM controlled Viet Cong.

British SAS take down Taliban/Al Quada leader
Up to four players – players control a fireteam of British SAS vs. GM controlled Taliban.

Players must collect supplies and get off the table while avoiding zombies
4-6 players – each plays a wild card character vs. GM controlled Zombies.
Need to make some new terrain

Realms of Cthulhu
Heroes trying to stop evil cultists from summoning other worldly evil.
Up to 6 players – each player controls a wildcard hero vs. GM controlled cultists.

Pulp Adventure

Monster Hunt.
Up to 4 or 6 players – players control a Wild Card monster hunter (and their allies extras) versus GM controlled monsters.

Players control super heroes vs. GM controlled super villains and their minions.

World War 2
North Africa? SAS/FFL/Commandos raiding German/Italian compound
East Front? Street fighting in Stalingrad? Kursk Tank Battle?
Northwest Europe? Canadians in Normandy? Paras in Normandy or Arnhem or Varsity? Kelly’s Heroes? Eagle Has Landed?

As WW2 above, but with extra added weirdness!?

Darkest Africa
Explorers and/or British soldiers vs. natives and/or rival explorers.

Multiple groups all looking for the same buried treasure on remote tropical island?

Age of Sail Naval Battle
Up to six (eight) players – Each player controls a single ship of the line.
This might take a long time to play… with that many players…

Seven Years War
Washington’s Ambush.
Up to four players – players control bands of either British Militia and allied Indians or French Colonial Infantry.

Early medival
Robin Hood and his merry men ambush The Sherrif of Nottinghams men in Sherwood Forrest?

Defend Village against an orc/viking raid…?
Up to four (or six?) players – Players control heroes and villagers vs. GM controlled raiders
(might need to paint a few more Orcs…)

It’s a bug hunt. Colonial Marines (or something similar) trying to get back to their ship on a jungle world infested with alien bug creatures.
Up to four players – players control teams of colonial marines vs. GM controlled aliens

…. I’m sure if I thought about it a bit I could come up with some more… ideas?

Other Games

Earlier I had considered some big battle De Bellis Antiquitatis or Hordes of the Things Games… or some Black Powder or Cold War Commander or Blitzkrieg Commander… But that’s just not where I’m at these days… and I don’t want to overdo it.

I might actually like to PLAY some games over the weekend!? (Expecially if Bob comes out and brings HIS HOTT game!?)


  1. Yes, I'll be there with a HoTT game. LIkely Saturday and most of Sunday--not yet sure of my plans.

    I like your pulp options: pirates, supers, medievals. I think Age of Sail games are too complex for conventions.

    Don't burn yourself out--offer a couple of games and then play in some!

  2. ...?

    "LIkely Saturday AND most of Sunday!?" Is that how long the HOTT game is going to take?! Damn, I won't need to run anything at all!?

    Yeah we played an Age of Sail game at one of my wargaming weekend which was a tonne of fun - but it took something like 6-8 HOURS!?

    One of these years I'd like to do something like that again as part of a campaign weekend - start off with a big sea battle before landing troops or something -the outcome determining... something? How many troops get to land...? How long the defenders get to prepare defences...? I don't know... but I'm straying from the topic here...

  3. I vote Zombies or Martians. What needs the most work? 'cuz that'll be what I want to play.

    Seriously though, If you want to do Pirates, I can bring up a band or two of my own.
    They come with two cutters and a sloop if you want to include some boats.

  4. Yes, sorry. Should not try to comment while marking papers! The HoTT game is likely two hours and I will attend the con Sat and Sunday morning! So I'm keen to play some historicals. If they are short, I might offer a War of 1812 hex game with minis.

  5. Cory - the Zulu War will probably require more work than the Martian one... just because there's so darn many zulus to paint!? So... Zulus then...?

  6. Unfortunately, it looks like I'm just going to miss Tooncon (my contract ends on the 5th of Oct!). So I can freely offer this advice: do the one(s) YOU want to do the most! (and which you can have ready in time without destroying either yourself or family harmony!)

    Best fishes,