Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Vikings Invade Ireland

Gary stopped by this evening for a quick game of DBA. Brought is Vikings again. After their defeat at the hands of the Welsh, they decided to nip across the Irish Sea to invade Ireland…


Norse Vikings attacking… er… Norse Irish?


Norse Irish (III/46)
1x Auxilia General
5x Auxilia
4x Psiloi
2x Blade

Norse Viking (III/40b)
1x Blade General
10x Blade
1x Warband


I rolled a two for deployment – adding my whopping aggression factor of one – it was determined I would be defending as the total was less than the Vikings aggression factor witout even rolling the dice. Still lacking some waterway tiles, I lined up a river along one side and said that everything one the other side of the river was water too… I threw out the maximum terrain nastiness to try and break up the Viking shield wall and we went at it!

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

With some lucky PIP dice at the outset the Irish dashed for the marsh and woods!

Gary was pretty conservative with his deployment – trying really hard to keep his line together and not expose any flanks.

More maneuvering in the marsh

Oh what a mess.

Finally the Blade and Warband near the coastline clash.

The first clash was pretty inconclusive. Bit of shoving back and forth…

The lines draw ever nearer.

Garry got a high PIP roll and brought nearly all his line into contact – there was a bit of pushing back and forth – mostly the Irish being pushed back…

But I also lost some Auxilia in the process… Irish down one.

More shoving back and forth.

I realized my blade out on the end of the line could actually benefit from some Psiloi support against the Warband.

Alas they arrived too late… Irish down two.

Once again however my general was stuck in the line – overlapped on both sides. To take off the pressure I advanced the blade in – but that brought them into side edge contact with the Warband. So I moved the Psiloi into contact with the warband – I thought this a rather clever move as I figured the warband would beat the psiloi and follow them back – out of side edge contact with my Blade. Unfortunately the Psioloi beat the warband and they recoiled into a postion where they still overlapped the blade… ah well…

Things went south at the other end of the line when a stand of Auxilia was cought by three Blade in the woods and utterly destroyed! Irish down three!

The General exposed again – alone against the Viking line…

…was finally defeated… Irish down four, including the General. Viking losses: zero…

Psiloi fleeing from the smelly Vikings

The view of things after the battle.

Defeated again… and didn’t even take any with them like they did against John… Ah well…

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

I’ve been mostly working on sculpting when I’ve had hobby time. Though after tonight’s battle I’m keen (again) to get a few waterway tiles (and some more marshes) finished…


  1. Isn't it anoying when you're underlings can't quite grasp the idea they're supposed to die or (better still) run away. Imagine what would have happened at Canai if the Celts at the from of the Carthaginian line had forgotten to run away.

    Sheesh. Such indiscipline.

  2. These reports of yours always make me want to give something similar a go. Maybe one of these days. I do have the HOTT rules, which would probably be better suited to my gaming wants. I should really think about putting together some armies with all of the old fantasy miniatures I've painted over the years.