Friday, March 9, 2012


And here they are…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

This is a stand of Hoplites (Spear) for an Early Greek Hoplite DBA army. The army may take some time to complete…

The figures are all from Black Tree Design. As I mentioned in the preview in the previous post I had wanted to cram 8 guys on there, but was only able to get seven on in the end… At least I got four across the front and the unit looks sufficiently DENSE!

Their backsides. There are some more nekkid dudes on this stand - but their dangly bits are cleverly hidden by appropriately placed shields - not only to shield their dangly bits from foes - but to shield the eyes for those too prudish (or uncertain in their own sexuality) to look upon another mans genitalia.... or rather a wee model of another man's bits.

Here’s how the BTD (on the left) look next to the Crusader Minis (on the right). While both are great as individually mounted figures, I definitely like the Crusader Miniatures better for putting on stands like this.

Here are a couple more individual Hoplites I also happened to finish up:

The two Spartans on the left are both from Wargames Foundry, the other (with the snake device) is from Black Tree Design.

Here’s their backsides.

Some Hoplite casualty figures from Warlord Games.

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Some more dead guys.


  1. Those models are sharp looking! You obviously take great pride in your work. One question: are the devices on the individual shields historically accurate or is there some license taken? Either way, they are incredible!

  2. I'd say they're MOSTLY historically accurate....? Maybe...?

    I've based them off pictures in books or off of decal transfers I've seen advertised... and some I've seen painted on others... so I guess not all could be totally historically accurate...

    I'm really not sure on the colours - I think most of the ones we know of come from two tone (Red/black) vase designs, relief images on coins, or statues of stone or bronze... very little colour in any of those... but osprey likes to picture their hoplites as highly colourful, so...

  3. AWESOME!!!! They fantastic Tim!

  4. Nice work Tim on the shields. he shields make the miniature in my opinion.



  5. 'With your shield or upon it!' Looks like one of those gore bespattered dudes has taken his Mum's parting words to ... erm ...heart!

    Very fine work, Tim. The shield designs look authentic enough for me and are nicely executed. You don't notice, by the way, the absence of the 8th figure...

  6. Wonderful, simply wonderful!