Monday, March 12, 2012

WW2 British and Canadians – in 20mm!

A while back I had a hankering to bust out the Blitzkrieg Commander and throw down with some battalion-level WW2 gaming. Mostly the feeling has passed… but during that time I’d dragged out a pile of these 20mm WW2 figures and got to thinking and organizing and figuring out what I’d need to finish up this formation and that formation and how very little I’d need to get ready to play…

Well as I said the feeling has mostly passed, but I was still feeling like painting a few things up and now that I don’t have to be painting all 28mm dark ages all the time to get ready for the campaign weekend… it’s nice to mix things up a bit..

(well… that, and it takes me less than half the time to paint a 20mm figure, but I get 80% of the points in Analogue Hobbies Spring Thaw Painting Challenge… I thought I’d crank these out jus tto make Ray sweat…).

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

This is a company of Camadians. The figures are from old Platoon 20 (that were produced under license by RAFM many moons ago. Actually only seven of these are newly painted – the rest were previously painted and only recently re-based along with those newly painted to meet my New Basing Standards for WW2 and Modern 20mm figures

Some 3” Mortars. I think the figures were from FAA…? Apparenlty I was thinking I’d do an entire Brigade of Canadians at some point (as these stands represent platoons, and there is a single mortar platoon in each battalion – three per brigade…)

Some Forward Artillery Observers – also, I think, from FAA.

An RCA 25-Pounder and crew. The model and crew are from and old Airfix kit that I had kicking around forever. I’m sure it had a Quad tractor and limber trailer, but I can’t for the life of me find them… I’d like to find the limber trailer at some point as I could probably fit it onto this stand…

Five platoons of British (or Canadian) Paras to finish up a battalion. Again these are all old Platoon 20/RAFM castings.

An odd stand of British Commandos. I think they might be SHQ – I picked them up off ebay along with a pile of other stuff a few years back. I think it might have even been a command pack – but lacking any other commandos to COMMAND I based them as a platoon stand and decided they could be a small detachment attached to my Canucks – or perhaps inadvertently drifted into the Canadians Area of Operations after their LCA was crippled by a “too close” mortar round… or something like that…

Also, because it’s WW2 and I don’t have anywhere else to put them…

Some GERMAN Forward Artillery Observers – again, FAA (I think)

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Some Vietnam Artillery...

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  1. Nicely Done! Always like to see Canucks on the table.