Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hera, Amazons, and Perseus

A few more Wargames Foundry Greek Mythology figures.

My copy of Agon arrived earlier this week but I was too busy to really have a look at it. I may or may not actually ever try the rules, but rather likely will use it for inspiration and add-ons to a Savage Worlds campaign.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)




I now have three Perseus figures, though there’s nothing really anything about this figure that makes him obviously Perseus, and thus he could be used as any sort of hero (though I did leave his shield unpainted, polished bronze (so he could look in the reflection to see Gorgons and such…). The other Perseus figures are holding severed gorgon heads and one is wearing winged sandals… The only thing that makes the figure above a “Perseus” is the fact that it came in a pack called ”Perseus and the Gaeae”

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  1. Loving your shield designs! :-)

  2. Thanks Guys! They are simultaneously a lot of fun and a pain in the ass to do... ultimately, I am (generally) pleased with the results!

  3. Wonderful paintjob as always.