Tuesday, October 16, 2012

More Modern British

My plan for the Modern British is to be able to field a rather generic looking platoon that cold be fielded as either a light role platoon or an armoured infantry platoon anywhere from the mid-90’s to… well… almost now… I have a few odds and sods in Para Berets, Fusilier Berets and Black Watch tams that can be thrown in to give the unit a bit of flavour.

For use in the armoured role I’ve picked up a few Warrior MCV-80s from Imprint Models and have ordered a few plastic 1/48 Challenger 2 kits…

I know… a lot of the Brits by the mid to late 90s had webbing that was DPM, not green… and some of the kit these chaps have likely wasn’t used until Gulf War 2 or Afghanistan… but… whatever… They’re British… and they’re Post Cold War…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

These chaps are all from The Assault Group. I still have a few more Black Watch and Fusiliers to paint up, and an SF GPMG team…. Then it’s the IFVs (one of which I have assembled!) and then the Challengers, when they arrive…

I do also have a handful of Royal Marines (of which I painted a few last week).

I also have a great deal many modern SAS. Like about 50 or so… (as if you could find 50 of them in any place in the world at any one time!? I got a killer deal on a whole bunch of pack of them from a store that was blowing them out) The planfor them is to do them in two sets of about 25 assorted guys (one set in Temperate DPM, the other in Desert DPM) from which I can pick out a team or two of whatever make up is required for whichever scenario I happen to dream up.

I also have a smaller handful of Cold War British – armed with SLRs, etc. I’d like to get more of those at some point too… But for now I’m working on the more modern Brits – as they are closer to having a complete force finished. The Cold War force would require buying a whole bunch of stuff and is thus a long way off… I just hope Sloppy Jalopy, Mongrel Miniatures, and the Gripping Beast MoFo stuff is all still available when I get around to doing it!

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Oh… probably some more Modern-ish stuff. I seem to be on a roll with the Modern British… so likely some more of that.... or some more africans... 


  1. When are those going to see some combat? ;)

    1. Hopefully SOON!

      I am playing a game tonight, but that will likely be a straight armour battle with some older 20mm stuff I have - just to try out the Force on Force vehicles rules.

      Two of my Challenger 2 arrived yesterday and one of the Warrior MCVs is assembled and primed... so soon I will be ready for some combined arms action in 28mm!