Sunday, January 6, 2013

Zombie Apocalypse Birthday Extraveganza!

Saturday was my son’s 9th birthday and he decided, more than anything else, he’d like to have some friends over to play a tabletop miniatures game… How could I say “no”…!?

We played a zombie game with about 7 players. Each player had a team and they were all tasked with clearing a section of the town.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

Finnegan, in yellow, and a bunch of his friends – and some of my freshly painted brand new terrain! (The roads and some of the buildings).

Firefighters taking down some wandering zombies in the street.

More Zombies wandering the streets – everyone got a big kick out of the zombified mascots!

One of the CDC teams takes down the Zombie Chicken Mascot!

Christian’s military fire team clears Super Pawn with little trouble…

CDC team shooting more down in the streets.

Anotehr CDC teams takes down the rest – after having cleared the flower shop.

The firefighters were hard chargers – attacking another horde of zombies in the streets.

…and taking them all down.

EVERY TURN for about three of four turns in a row zombie reinforcements showed up in the Super Pawn which kept Christian’s team from clearing the building (there was a one in three chance of reinforcements showing up at all each turn, then a one in six chance they’d show up at that particular location… I’m sure it happened at least three times, maybe four!?)

Each time, though, he’d take them all down…

The Firefighters retake the Fire Station!

About halfway through the game. Everyone still smiling.

CDC mixing it up with some Zombies in the street!

The last batch of reinforcements to arrive finally took down one of the army troopers.

The CDC also lost one of their own in the battle in the street.

Due to some superior teamwork (and lucky dice rolling) the town was cleared well before the 10 turn time limit. I think there was only two casualties (among the living!) in the whole game. One was seriously wounded, the other only lightly wounded. I didn’t bother to check if they got infected…

Afterwards there was homemade pizza and cake and much rejoicing.

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Maybe some more game pics…? or pics of the buildings…? Or some more Zombies…? 


  1. I seem to recall playing a board game a bit like this, many aeons ago. That was a nice set-up there, Tim: just the deal for a birthday bash!

  2. That's it, get 'em while they're young!!! Not sure the girls look impressed though??

  3. Fantastic stuff! Well done on the game, your son will remember it!