Sunday, February 17, 2013

Chemical Commies

I picked up a set of Cold War Soviets in NBCD gear from Eureka Miniatures USA. Here they are:

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

The whole force (including a few others I'd ordered and painted previously) 

Unfortunately ordering from Eureka USA most of the ranges are only sold in complete sets of one of each pose... which doesn't necessarily add up to anything resembling any sort of TO&E... But with what I have here I can more or less field an under-strength platoon (what platoon in the field was EVER at full strength anyway, right?). Insofar as I can tell there was only ever 6 or 7 that dismounted from a BMP or BTR, so these aren't terribly under-strength.

First Section. 


Second Section

(that blurry bit in front of the MG-Gunner is a snowflake blowing past... There was a bit more snow falling, and blowing around, this morning...)

Third Section - including the platoons designated marksman. 

Platoon command. Serzhant and Leytenant pointing. Plus a spare MG and Sniper - perhaps the Serzhant is a good scrounger and "aquired" these extra items for the platoon - they could be added to any of the other sections for some extra support. 

Some chemical defence or engineer types... the could be attached to the platoon if need be...?

Another attachment - the Sagger (I can't really call it a "team" as it's just the one guy....) - when a slightly longer ranged (slightly harder) punch is needed to deal with armour (or bunkers?).

of course these guys could be Ferried about in my BTR-60s. Perhaps I should have taken a picture with them...

Perhaps it was a bit silly getting these guys in chemical defence suits. I have no other forces so equiped to deal with an NBC environement - so these guys might look a little silly running around in their suits expecting to be gassed when no one else is...

Ah well...

I suppose I could use them a Soviet zombie containment team...?

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

I need to get that model of Top Malo House built as it’s just a week away from the 9th Annual Wargaming Birthday Bash (where I was planning to run the Top Malo House scenario from Force on Force - so I’d best get cracking on that…

After that…? So many project so close to completion that I’d just like to finish up… but which one FIRST!? French? Afghans? WW2 Soviets or Paras? 


  1. Tim, I've recently found your blog (via the Savage Worlds stuff you've done). You've got some great stuff here and a lot to look at. I'll be going through your old posts.

    These Soviets look awesome. Very nice blog!

    1. Thanks Jerry! Glad you found the blog!

  2. I do like those NBC-suited Soviets - especially the chap in the middle of the trio of chem-defence engineers looking (I imagine worringly) at his readout!

  3. Very nice work - nothing like guys wearing gas masks and protective gear to reflect the Cold War. Best, Dean