Tuesday, June 11, 2013

French Officers

I started on the last of the French Foreign Legionnaires the other night and happened to finish up these last night.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):


The one on the right is from Artizan Designs’ Pulp Adventure line, the fellow on the left is from Crusader Miniatures Wild West line – from a pack called “foreigners” which included gunslinging scotsman (third picture) and a Russian Cuirassier (second picture) - I assumed this third fellow in the pack was supposed to be French – though he could easily be an American Civil War officer – I figured the pack name of “foreigners” meant they were NOT American… 

Oh bother! I just noticed some paint got scraped off the Crusader miniature’s holster!? How the heck did THAT happen!? Bah! I’m posting it anyway and I’ll fix it later…

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

As mentioned the last of the French Foreign Legion (that I have) will be next up. Then I have some Great War German infantry lined up to go next – along with some WW2 Canadians and some… er… ELVES!?


  1. Tremendous work again, Tim. I'm always stunned by the number of figures you paint in such a short time.
    The chap on the left looks like an ACW office to me too.

  2. That fellow on the right looks like a tough customer.

  3. Nice figures. I really like the one on the right. The sleeve pinned up is a nice touch.

  4. Thanks guys! I really like the one on the right too - he looks the business!

  5. Very nice as always, Tim. I do love the red trousers of the period. Best, Dean

  6. Very nice looking Officers figures, great work!