Monday, October 28, 2013

Fall/Winter 2013 Planning

I’ve been flailing around for a few months with out a plan or direction so I thought it might be a good ides to sit down and make some sort of plan to give myself some forcus for the rest of the year and into the new year.

Looking back on my Plans for 2013

For the Birthday Bash I ended up playing a game of Bolt Action on the Satruday and the Top Malo House Scenario for Force on Force. I’m already starting to plan for the 10th Annual Wargaming Birthday Bash next year.

After that I didn’t really organize any other weekend games or campaigns… I did play a bit of Force on Force and Ambush Z… and played a few games of Wargaming Nineteenth Century Europe 1815-1878 over at John Bertolini’s. I also organized and ran a few games at ToonCon 2013.

I did finish painting up a LOT of Modern 28mm stuff (and a fair bit of Great War stuff too)! Here's that list I made…

Modern & WW2

30x Modern USMC – DONE!
45x Modern US Rangers, etc. – Still to do…
30x Modern SAS – Still to do…
20x Modern RM – Still to do…
30x Modern Germans – DONE!
15x Astd. Russians/Soviets _DONE! and DONE!
20x Cold War British – DONE!
30x Modern Africans – DONE! and DONE!
40x Central/South Americans – Still to do
65x Zombies –DONE! (well…mostly…) unfortunately I don’t have a post with pictures of the whole Horde… (I should do that…)
20-30x Modern Civilians – I think I’ve finished most of these… but then acquired more! Again, no pics of the lot and they were done in bits.
8 x SWAT – DONE!? (I think…?)
20x MegaMinis SWAT – Still to do…
30x Vietnam Americans – DONE!
20x Vietnam Anzacs – DONE!

24x Soviets – I may have done a few but mostly “still to do…”
20x Paras - – Still to do…
I have a lot of others to do as well. but these were the only ones I’d PLANNED to do. I also finshed a bunch of First Special Service Force.

2x M1 Tank – Still to do…
2x LAV-25 – Still to do…
2x Warrior MCV – one DONE!, one still to do…
3x Challenger - two DONE!, one still to do…
3x BTR-60 – DONE!
3x T-72 – Still to do… (but I didn’t paint a T-55!)
3x Marder – Still to do…
4x Hummers – Still to do…
1x Modern Pick up Truck – Still to do…
1x M113 – DONE!
1x M48 - DONE!

I didn’t do any of the planned WW2 vehicles…

Great War, Etc.

30x ANZACS – still to do…
50x EW French – a few Infantry, More Infantry, and Machine-guns DONE! But one more infantry unit still to do…
30x Belgians I gone a few Carabiniers DONE! – But still have a few to do…
60x Turks – still to do…
30x EW British (Scots, actually) – still to do…
20x Germans DONE! (mostly)
180+ Canadians – Still to do… ( I think I painted a few, here and there…)
80x Boers – Still to do…
40x French Foreign Legion -  DONE!

10x ANZACs – Still to do…
10x French – Still to do…
8x EW British (Indians, actually) - DONE!
10x Germans DONE!
10 x Canadians – Still to do…
20x Boers – Still to do…

That is a fair bit I got done so far... and looking at the Painted vs. Acquired I'm doing not so bad - I'll have painted more than I bought by the end of the year... I won't have painted TWICE as much as I bought (which I'd secretly hoped), but maybe next year...

So what to do for the rest of this year…?

The Kids

I got playing a lot of Board Games and card games with the kids (mostly munchkin variants – Supers, Cthulhu, Conan) and I’d like to keep doing that.

I started out the year playing a lot of Ambush Z with them, that’s fallen by the wayside, but I’d like to get going on that again – especially now that Keira’s painted all her own zombies! I’ve also played a few Force on Force games with them and should do more of that too.

They’ve really been wanting to play another Savage Worlds campaign, and I’ve been promising I would for a long time, but just haven’t gotten to that. A week or so ago we made characters for a new Fantasy campaign, but that’s as far as we’ve gotten. I’m hoping when the renovation dust settles (literally), and things are less chaotic we will get on with that. It’d also be fun to include some other friends (CHRISTIAN! I’m looking at YOU!) (and Aaron... and Bruce...) (All gaming pals I know with kids around my kids age that like playing games) 


For the longest time I’ve run role-playing games on Saturday nights. For a good few years now it’s been Savage Worlds (Savage Saturday Nights) and thos campaigns (as well as the ones with the kids have been chronicles at Savage Timmy’s Playhouse. At the end of last year the campaign fizzled and we started playing Ambush Z. Over the summer even that died off – with ramping up for the renovations and people just generally being busy doing other stuff…

Somehow, probably because I got motivated to finish up my 28mm Vietnam stuff, I got it in my head that I’d be fun to run a Savage Worlds   Tour of Darkness campaign… except using Force on Force/Ambush Valley to play out the skirmishes (you can see the AAR from the first mission here: In Country.

Hobby-wise this won’t be much work as I have pretty much all the miniatures I need to play painted… I would like to build some new terrain – fox-holes, sand-bag bunkers and other perimeter defences for an air base and/or fire support base, gun emplacements, log bunkers, new Vietnamese buildings, better rice paddies, more jungle, streams, tunnel entrances/Hot Spot markers, etc… I’m sure there’s a few figures I might pick up and paint at some point… maybe a few more vehicles (additional M113s, M113ACAVs, a few Huey Slicks…). But nothing that’s going to hold me back from playing.

28mm Modern

I do still have a few modern things I’d like to finish up… the Generic US-backed Central or South Americans, some Modern Americans and British (RM and SAS) and a bunch of vehicles – 2xM1 tanks, 3xT-72 tanks, 2x Leopard 2 Tanks, 3x Marder IFV, 1x Warrior IFV, and a bunch of assorted cars and trucks… I also have a handful of modern zombies and civilians to finish up and a bunch of Geezers (I got the “one of everything” special deal… lots to still do!)

I also have a handful of Zombies left to do… I should get those done… It might be nice to make a few more buildings too.

20mm Modern!?

I have a bunch of 20mm stuff I’m not sure what to do with… Most of it was based on multi-figure bases and I used it for Cold War Commander. I have since taken all the 1970s/80s Cold war stuff off those based and based them individually for playing Force on Force… (I figured If ever I was going to play CWC again I’d just build new forces with 6mm micro armour). Of course I have a lot of those same things in 28mm, but I have a lot MORE in 20mm… It seems sill having them in both scales… maybe I could sell off the 20mm stuff to fund picking up more 28mm stuff – tanks and IFVs in particular - mind you a LOT of the 20mm tanks and IFVs I have aren’t even assembled or painted, so I wouldn’t get much at all for them… and some you just can’t get in 28mm… Anyway, whether I selll them off or just USE them, I'd like to finish up a few of those forces.

 I have even more Vietnam stuff in 20mm still on the multi-figure bases. Maybe I’ll keep them that way and use them for larger engagements using CWC – there aren’t so many tanks and vehicles to clog up the table (that was the real downside of using 20mm stuff for CWC)…

40mm Great War

I started sculpting a few 40mm Great War British a while back, but haven’t had time or space (both in reality and in my head) to do much work on them since the renovations began… I’d like to finish them up over the winter and be able to play some 1914 battle with John (I painted a Unit of his 40mm French a while back…). He’s got pretty much everyone BUT the British sculpted and ready to cast and paint… We’re planning to use our own variant of Neil Thomas’ Wargaming Nineteenth Century Europe 1815-1878.

28mm Great War

I did get a lot of that stuff done in the summer... and 2014 approaches... maybe that'll be a spring/summer project next year...? 


NO I’m not about to start playing 40K… but I did read a few novels over the summer and got inspired by all their fluff and had it in my head to run an Only War campaign (except using Savage Worlds for character creation and role-playing aspects and using Tomorrow’s War for playing out the firefights… and maybe Future War Commander! with Epic minis for playing out the REALLY BIG battles!) (Wow… how many gaming heresies did I commit in that last statement!?). I painted a bunch of my imperial guard and picked up some more and a few Orks… But that moment may have passed…. For the moment… but it’ll be back…

Hordes of the Things

I’ve been feeling the urge to bust out the armies and start playing again. The kids and I used to play a lot of this – it was probably the first miniatures game I ever played with them. It might be handy to get some practice in as I might be running a campaign for the 10th Annual Wargaming Birthday Bash! Playing might motivate me to finsh up a few new armies or at least finish up the remaining elements needed for a few armies…


There are a number of forces that would only take a week or two to totally finish up… and part of me wants to (because I sould use them for Force on Force, or could have another go at Bolt Action - with a few tweaks…). But, as I think I mentioned earlier, I’m sick to death of World War Two…

Other Stuff

I have a few items that I promised to paint for others that I am determined to get done before the end of this year! I have a few Aurora Monsters I’m painting for Rick – I may not actually get ALL of those done, but I am going to get The Mummy done, and hopefully one of the others (King Ghidorah and a Robot and some other creature from Lost in Space). I also have a package of Watchmen miniatures (from Grenadier Miniatures for the the old DC RPG) and a few cars and bikes and pedestrians for Dark Future that I’m painting for John Burt.


One thing I’ve really been wanting to do for a while is update my pages – all those galleries listed over there on the top left… Once the renos are done I’d like to get out in some natural light (if it’s not too cold!) and get some proper pictures of my existing collection – and maybe take stock of painted vs unpainted again while I’m at it…

Um… I think that’s about it for now… Is that too much? Probably... 


  1. you are going to be a busy boy, I was going to do some planning soon but have so many commissions I am too busy to plan

  2. Tim
    I admire your planning and evaluating.
    I fear I am not so organised...
    Looking fwrd to following your projects thru the Fall and Winter and beyond.

    1. Cheers!

      I'm pretty good at making plans and evaluating... sticking to those plans... whole different kettle of fish!

  3. Dude, I promise, soon I will have a plan for a RPG!

    1. No worries, I have no shortage of stuff to do in the meantime!