Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Napoleonics, Casualites, Napoleonic Casualties...

A couple little things rolling off the workbench…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

A sample Napoleonic Prussian Landwehr from Warlord Games. I got a pack of ten of these in a recent order from Woodrow’s War Store - They’re blowing out a lot of stuff… they were, like, $11…? Since I’m painting up a few things for Song of Drums and Shakos…. So I thought what the heck!?

Now I know very little about the Napoleonic era – and the Prussians… I probably know least about… (They fought the French, right?). In the few references I have there is little mention of the Landwehr and no pictures. Luckily Warlord Games actually has a pretty decent article on their website about Prussian Landwehr Uniforms and loads of painted examples.

So this chap is, I guess from the 3rd Regiment (yellow shoulder straps) of the Rhein (or maybe Brandenburg) landweher… I don’t know where either of them wouldhave seen action. I just chose  red… as some of the ones in pictures had red… I really don’t know which to do? Were there any regiments that were more numerous? Which would have seem more action? From the book I have on Waterloo it seems there was Westphalian (Green) and Elbe (Light Blue) Landwehr present there (as I mostly have British – seems a good idea to have ones that would have served in the vicinity of the British)? Any thoughts? Maybe I should just do some in Green and some in Light Blue and see which I like the looks of…

Any suggestions?

Napoleonic Highland casualty from Front Rank Figures - just didn’t quite get him done in time to post with the rest of the Highlanders

Napoleonic French Line Infantry casualty also from Front Rank Figures - unfortunately none of the individual figures I have for gaming with at this time are line infantry (they’re all Chasseurs!?)

Not Napoleonic… I’ve been wanting to track down some fantasy casualties for use when playing A Song of Blades and Heroes - to show where people have fallen. In other games - such as Savage Worlds – we just lay the figure down, but that has a particular meaning in the game other than wounded/dead and out of the game. We ordered a few a href="">Mantic Games
boxes from Woodrow’s War Store last week (Elves for the Girl and Orcs and Undead for the Boy…) and I was excited to find there’s a dead Elf on every frame!? So here’s the first of… well… a few… I’ve also been converting a few others from assorted plastic figures I have kicking around…

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

I never did post the report of the last game of our Song of Blades and Heroes campaign have I…? I should probably get on that… 


  1. Excellent work, casualties are really great!

  2. Great looking figures as always, Tim. Now get some French Line Infantry painted up! :)

    1. Thanks Dean.

      The problem is I don't HAVE any line infantry and I am loathe to buy any more when I've already bought/acquired so much already this year which I have yet to paint (and am planning on buying more Great War stuff)... So I am painting up some more French light infantry...