Friday, May 16, 2014

Another Odd Assortment

A few odd and sundry items I’ve finished up over the last few weeks…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

Two mounted crossbowmen for one of my fantasy human A Song of Blades and Heroes warbands. The figures were originally from Citadel Miniatures (I think the War of the Roses line…?), which I have had for many years and been part of many forces over the years and I’ve recently stripped and now repainted – along with many of my other older figures. I’m pretty sure they are now available from Wargames Foundry.

A dying Napoleonic French Infantryman from Front Rank Figures

More dead and dying. The two bottom ones are Dead French Resistance fighters from Black Tree Design, the one on top in the duster/overcoat/great coat I got in a trade but I think is a Dixon Miniatures Old West figure…? I figure all three could be used as civilian casualties from the beginning of the twentieth century on.

Dark Elves – Old Citadel/Marauder/Games Workshop figures.

Ratmen – again Old Games Workshop figures. One is on a plastic base as I am giving it to someone else – the ones on washers are for my own warbands.

One more (converted) Games Workshop figure: a Imperial Guard commissar.

I added the head scarf because I have a small collection of Tallarn Imperial Guardsmen and I thought maybe their commissar might have “gone a bit native”.

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

A few more Terrain Tiles? A Game Report or two? Maybe some Super Heroes?! (more on that in a bit…) 


  1. Ok you have officially inspired me to do a similar post of Odds and Ends. Great work I really like your painting. And the mix of old and new with stuff from all genres and manufacturers is always a treat!

  2. Quite an eclectic group of wonderfully painted and based figures!

  3. A fine, eclectic mix. Those casualty bases are a bit gruesome!

  4. Really excellent...especially the casualties for me.

  5. Plenty of variety there Tim but all executed to your usual high standard!

  6. Thanks Guys!

    The next batch will be a little less... random...?