Saturday, September 27, 2014

Argonauts and Colonel Lawrence

Wow… I can’t believe I haven’t posted any new figures all month!?

I’ve been working on these a while. Nice to finally have them done and to be able to post them all in one big group.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

The Argonauts from Wargames Foundry

Jason, Zetes and a couple other Argonauts. (They make a Zetes, but no Calais... I'll have to find another winged fellow for his brother Boread)

More Argonauts

Still more Argonauts

Even MORE Argonauts.

I started making a ship for them a while back… perhaps I should dig that out now and finish it up.

A few dead Argonauts – a few Greek casualties from Warlord Games that I painted up in the same manner as my Argonauts.

Two other random Greeks I happened to finish up at the same time (both from Black Tree Design).

And finally… Colonel T. E. Lawrence from Artizan Designs.

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:


  1. More great stuff!

    Can I relate a story? I started wargaming and collecting/painting minis about fifteen years ago, but got I burnt out by playing too little, which led to painting too much – specifically, letting my attention spiral inwards on increasingly time-consuming subtleties of effects and details. I got frustrated, and gave it away.

    A few of years ago, I stumbled on your Savage Worlds blog, which led in turn to checking out your wargaming site. Seeing your minis (and specifically your tutorial on painting DPM camouflage) got me interested again. I loved the simplicity of what you were doing– I was struck by the honesty of it, and looked like so much fun. It felt a world away from the constant, fine-grained striving that had driven me away from miniatures. Looking at your photos and reading your posts felt like getting permission - it was okay to be less than perfect, to just have fun while painting again. I’d never gamed WWII before, so I bought some Artizan Fallschirmjagers and British Commandos that had caught my eye, and some new paints, and decided to give it another go, this time following your approach.

    And I loved it. It got me painting and gaming again, and more importantly enjoying it again.

    I’ve since branched out trying other new things – 15mm figures, modern military themes, airbrushing, some more advanced modelling techniques and conversions– and enjoy them all. In the process, my collection has grown well beyond what I had amassed from the first time around. I’ve tried to improve, but not too hard. Unfortunately, with a house, family and a full time job, finding time for hobby games is hard.

    Last night, I found a couple of quiet hours for a solo game of Nuts!, using those first Fallschirmjagers vs Commandos. I had a blast, and in particular was struck by how much I still loved the look of what I always think of as my Tim-style figures.

    There and then, I resolved to do two things – get back to painting like that more often, and to let you know how much you’ve inspired and motivated me.

    So thanks, man. Thanks for getting me back on track, showing me what is important, and reminding me that, when it comes to painting, it’s the fun that counts.

    1. You are most welcome! Thank YOU for your comment.

      So much of what I do had been inspired by other people blogs, it's good to know I've been able to give a little back!