Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Paratroopers and Commandos

Carrying on with the finishing up of complete forces thing… I decided to finish off the last of my WW2 British/Canadian Paratroopers.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

Whole bunch

These fellows are from Warlord Games.

These chaps are from West Wind Productions

and finally this pair is from Crusader Miniatures. The fellow with the MP-40 broke his gun… and I’ve been too lazy to fix it… Perhaps one of these days…

Now that these are COMPLETE I will update the 28mm World War Two Gallery with some pictures of the entire force. Well… maybe tomorrow (when it’s warmer! I woke up to an Extreme Cold Weather Warming (-43°C!) and it hasn’t gotten much better all day – tomorrow it’s supposed to be -3°C… how does that even work!?)

I also happened to finish up two commandos – also from West Wind Productions

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Ugh… after all this finishing up of WW2 figures (and looking through Bolt Action books while considering how to organize them) I’ve actually been considering rolling out a game of Bolt Action to give it another chance….

There are lots of other odd and assorted items on my workbench – Great War Canadians, Jacobite Scotsmen, Ghost Hunters, Dystopian Gang Members… Though I’ve been snooping through other WW2 drawers to see what’s leaf to be done… I’ve been eyeing up the Chindits (mostly because there’s so few of them…) and maybe the late war Big Cats…


  1. Very nice work, as usual :) Cheers!

    1. Thanks!

      I REALLY like YOUR French Foreign Legionnaires you posted the other day - I'd never seen those figures before and thought at first that you has simply converted them from Artizan Designs WW2 figures... I'm trying really hard NOT to buy more figures at this point and you're not making that easy!!