Sunday, August 30, 2015

Another Expedition into Felstad

We played a third game of Frostgrave Saturday evening. This time I was just me and the family – as Other Tim (and everyone else threatening to play) were unable to make it. This was only the second expedition into Frostgrave for my Wizard and crew as they sat out the last game. It was Amanda’s Wizard’s second expedition as well. Both the Kids tried out new warbands for some reason - I'm not really sure why…?


My remaining thugs (Big Joe, Fats McPhee, Mad Marvin) were shaken by the death of their pal Crouchy Fred (in our first game ) and decided to take their cut and then split in the middle of the night. Giselle the Thief also decided there was easier livings to be made in warmer places and hit the road. Luckily Felkazaar the Magnificent was flush with cash after his first expedition and was able to hire some better members for the crew. He found another Ranger (Neil), an Apothecary named Tucker, two Knights (Bramlin and Reginald), and an expert Treasure Hunter named Liam…

With the gold she got in the last game, Amanda hired ANOTHER Archer and a Treasure Hunter. She still hasn’t bothered to name any of them.

The Boy started a new warband this week – this time a Lizardfolk Witch Warband lead by Sillitha, Speaker of the Serpant, and Skenth her apprentice. Filling out the warband was harsuk the Barbarian, Nethil the Infantryman, Missgyal the Lizard-at-Arms, two Thugs names Gith and Gurth, and a Thief named Nesath.

The Girl ALSO decided to start a new warband this week – now SHE’s running a Necromancer named Thesira Eloudrana and her apprentice Aminira. There’s also a Knight, four Thugs, a Ranger and a Thief.


(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

Initial set up.

I’d meant to start using wandering monsters this game, but then when we got going I just kind of forgot… next time I’ll place all the monsters by the table edge – ready to rush towards the excitement to remind myself!

I had the initiative on the first turn and started off by having Felkazaar the Magnificent blast one of The Boys minions with an elemental Bolt! Ba-ZAM!

He was... unimpressed.

Looks like an easy grab for Trevor, Bramlin, and Bertram, but that’s a Necromancer in the background! As it turns out her Necromancer didn’t do much – it was the Ranger that brought down my poor knight… luckily Trevor and Bertram were able to grab that loot and make it off the table!

Amanda’s Wizard cast a Fog – that would remain for the entire game – and effectively kept her safe from my bolt-blasting wizard! Two of ther archers then took down another of The Boy’s Lizardmen and he was  not-so-happy about that either… and was just about ready to pack it in and suggesting he should probably go back to his old warband… but he soldiered on…

By the end of the turn, however, both his Wizard and Apprentice had whisked away two treasures with Telekinesis – into the ready arms of waiting soldiers – who, a turn later hauled them off the table!

The Girl’s minions start moving forward after making two quick grabs of easy treasure.

Amanda’s spellcasters made good use of Blinding Light – effectively taking two of The Girl’s minions out of action for most of the game – the casting rolls were 16 and 18 – so the thugs (with -1 willpower) had little hope in recovering before the game was over (one did, on the last turn, but was too far away from the action to really help out).

Amanda’s Treasure Hunter and both thugs grabbed treasures on the first turn – the archers with the Wizard had ran into contact with another, but had them whisked away by The Boy and his Telekinesis casting apprentice.

The Treasure Hunter and one of the Thugs would make it off with their treasures, but the other Thug and Ranger were beat down mercilessly by The Boy’s Lizardman barbarian and had their treasure taken away.

Rob the Ranger covers Liam and Neil and they make off with two treasures of their own.

Felkazaar the Magnificent decided that four treasures was enough and decided to call it a day and let the Elves and Necromancers minions fight over the remaining treasure.

Amanda’s Wizard successfully teleported herself next to the remaining treasure on the table… but then was unable to pick it up (as she’d used here non-move action to cast the Teleport spell…

The next turn – after fighting off one of the Necromancer’s Thugs - she picked it up and started dragging it away.

She would drag it another turn, but that was it. The Elves were being attacked on two sides. The Nercomancer’s minions were right there trying to get that last treasure chest – and The Lizard Witch and Apprentice kept sniping at them with Bone Darts – eventually the Wizard, the Apprentice, and all four Archers were taken down… The Lizard’s slinked off and Necromancer claimed the last treasure.


Amanda had lost nearly all her warband – the Wizard, the Apprentice, the Ranger, all four Archers and a Thug were knocked out of action. Checking afterwards the Thug and one archer died of their wounds, but everyone else was able to make it out alive and will be ready for action next time we head into Frostgrave – though the Wizard had a “close call” and lost her sword... The wizard gained another 160 experience (100 for treasure, 60 for casting spells) and that will level her up twice! Among the Treasure she found 6 gold, three potions (Elixer of Speed and two Potions of Invulnerability), and 3 scrolls (Wall, Beauty, and Circle of Protection).

The Boy only lost those two Lizards that were taken out on the first turn – both of them recovered. His witch gained 320 experience (150 for treasure, 90 for casting spells, and 80 for taking out two enemy soldiers – all with Bone Darts!). Among his treasure he found 240 gold, two Grimoires (Illusionary Soldier, Raise Zombie), and a Robe of Arrow Turning.

The Girls lost one thug in the whole adventure – who turned out to be okay (though two others were blinded for most of the game and effectively useless). She gained 220 experience (70 for spells, 150 for treasure) which will her up twice. Among the three chests she dragged off she found 180 gold, two Grimoires (Absorb Knowledge, Skatershot), and a Magic Bow (+1 shooting) which she game to her Ranger

Bramlin recovered quickly from his wounds and will be back in action next game. I scored a whopping 380 experience points (40 for taking out Finnegan’s lizard minion in the very first action of the game, 70 for spells, 200 for treasure, 20 for my laboratory, and 50 for the Absorb Knowledge scroll I found last game and used at the end of this game…) that got me 3 level-ups which I’ve decided to improves Fighting, Elemental Bolt, and Telekinesis with. Amongst the treasure I found 270 gold, two Grimoires (Sphere of Destruction and Blinding Light), two Potions (Strength and Toughness) and a pair of Boots of Speed – which I passed on to Liam the Treasure Hunter.

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

I have some more ECW stuff on the painting table, along with some assorted critters and monsters to use as Wandering Monsters in Frostgrave (toads, big cats, more trolls, skeletons, etc.) – but I’m not really sure when I’ll get much of a chance to do any painting in the next week… I had hoped to carry on with our Role-playing Campaign this afternoon, but for a second week in a row the other family can’t make it… perhaps we’ll start a new Song of Blades and Heroes skirmish campaign…?


  1. Sounds a bit like I remember D&D back in the 70s only fancier and more player on pkayer but in any event it sounded like fun.

    1. A bit... I'd like to try and make it MORE like that - where the players are having to deal with Wandering Monsters more and less fighting each other... Maybe more scenario-based...? Just trying to sort out the system to start here. And it certainly is fun as is.

  2. Thanks for the great report...looking forward to more expeditions. I am slowly drinking the koolaid...I now have some fantasy figs on the

    1. Cheers! Hope you have fun with it!