Sunday, October 4, 2015

Frostgrave: Hunt for the Golem – Part One

This week Dave and Patrick stopped by to have a go at Frostgrave. They made their wizards and warbands and then Amanda and The Boy joined them for Scenario One of the Hunt for the Golem mini campaign. The Girl sat this one out - she is part way through the Deathly Hallows and didn't want to stop reading!


This scenario is a bit different from the others we’ve played in that there is no treasure on the table at the start – instead the warband have come across a grizzly scene – and entire warband wiped out in a most vicious and cruel way

While such sights are not uncommon in the Frozen City, the sheer savagery that ahs been inflicted on the bodies gives pause to even the most hardened adventurers. The corpses are crushed and torn – some have been pounded into the ground; others twisted around ancient masonry…

There are only bodies lying about – whenever a member of a warband moves into contact with one they roll and consult a chart – they could find treasure… or the body could rise up as a zombie and attack… or it could be a survivor that needs some healing (but will fight for you if you do heal them)… or it could be… the Golem Notes!


Dave’s Warband was lead by B’ob, a Sigilist, and his apprentice D’oug. He also brought with him S’ara, a Thief, P’awl, a Ranger, Sh’oot, a Crossbowman, four thuggish brothers named D’ork, P’ork, C’ork, and T’ork, and an infantryman names Bartholemew Malcolm Underhill III.

Patrick played Perrian the Enchanter and his warband. Under Perrian was his Apprentice, Baldwin, two Thieves – Toby and Pierre, two brother Archers, Altulian and Altarius, and two Men-At-Arms – Brunhilde and Gorvak Thrice-Scorched. Before the game Perrian completed the construction of Perrian mk.I (based on the designs of Faltuvius Mortelion)

The Boy returned with Akzar Kallesel the Necromancer and his warband. Akzar Kallesel is now Eighth Level and I don’t remember what he has with him these days…. He raised a zombie before the game…?

Amanda returned with her Thaumaturge, who – now being TENTH LEVEL – finally has a name…. Hermione…. and her Apprentice in Ginny… yeah… I think she did that so that if The Girl ever shows up in a game again she won’t attack Amanda’s warband (The Girl has powered through the Harry Potter series this summer and is just finishing up the Deathly Hallows – and is a big fan of Hermione and Ginny….)


(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

Dave, Patrick, Amanda and The Boy - All set up and ready to go.

The warbands stumble onto the scene of carnage – bodies everywhere.

Hermione (seriously?!) teleported into the middle of the table and found nothing could be done for the poor mangled soul… but he did have some treasure he was hauling with him when he shuffled off this mortal coil… so… there’s that…

Perrian the Enchanter’s henchmen also searched the bodies of the dead warriors – and also found treasure!

B’ob’s Hoseheads shuffled into the ruins and found themselves a treasure among the bodies… but what’s this – a knight in the middle of it all… what could HE have!?

Almost the end of the Wizard Phase in Turn One. Bodies searched, treasures found… Okay this it turning out not THAT different from our regular games…

Until one of Akzar Kallesel’s men searched a body…

And it rose up as a zombie! (Truthfully, I think it was Akzar Kallesel that raised it as a practical joke against one of his own “You there, go search that body! [muffled incantation under breath] Woah! That one’s still got some fight in ‘im! Har Har! You should’a seen the look on yer face when ‘e got up! Har har!” – yeah, he’s THAT kind of Necromancer…)

(Except that all his minions are themselves mindless undead, so they don't even get the "joke"... yeah... he's THAT kind of Necromancer...)

Fierce action in one street of the Ruined City.

Hermione also spotted the Knight in the middle of the ruin and warned B’ob that it was HERS and he best steer clear of it! The rest of the Thaumaturge’s Warband has their eyes set on the two treasures Perrian the Enchanter’s warband has discovered…

Akzar Kallesel summoned and Imp – who was promptly attacked by a wandering Wolf! (and killed it…)

Toby’s trying to make off with his treasure and the Thaumaturge’s elves are giving chase! Meanwhile Hermione the Thaumaturge herself was beign swarmed by the Necromancer’s minions.

B’ob’s men searched the dead knight and found not treasure – but a collection of papers containing field notes about a specific golem that seems to have achieved some form of sentience!

Perrian the Enchanter’s apprentice, Baldwin, whisked away the treasure that S’ara had found, but not yet picked up. Altulian and Altarius sent arrows flying in her direction to dissuade her from pursuing it further!

Perrian the Enchanter has whisked away the treasure Gorvak Thrice-Scorched had discovered so the Thaumaturge’s elves wouldn’t be able to snatch it up after taking down Gorvak Thrice-Scorched! Brunhilde advanced – to either slow the elves advance – or perhaps exact a little revenge for her downed comrade! Toby – still dragging away his treasure under fire from the Elf Archers.

B’ob’s men slowly retire from the back of the ruin watching the vicious battle between the Thaumaturge and Nercomancer just out the front door… “we need not involve ourselves in that fight, lads…”

The battle between the Thaumaturge and Nercomancer. Though the new Treasure Hunter successfully hauled off the treasure she had – the Thaumaturge, ranger and both marksmen in this scene were all taken out by the Necromancer and his minions!

“Steady lads… Steady… We’ve got what we’ve come for… good first time out… now let’s get out of here and see what’s in this treasure!”

The Sigilist’s warband continues it’s tactical withdrawal – leaving exploding runes in its wake!

Just as Perrian the Enchanter’s warband was about to haul off two treasures – two wolves charged onto the table and attacked them! The thief actually won the combat and pushed the wolf out of combat – on the next turn he nipped off the table with the treasure. Altulian and Altarius were not so lucky – both were taken out by the wolves (though Baldwin made it off with their second treasure there!).

Then an Ice Toad wandered into the battle – right in the path of the Elves escape route!

Just as B’ob’s warband had almost successfully completed its tactical withdrawal from the field of battle – a furious bear roared onto the scene and took down D’oug the Apprentice!

The Thaumaturge’s Construct, despite the Apprentice and Ranger rushing to it’s aid, was partially crushed in the powerful jaws of the Ice Toad – the magic flowed out of it’s form and it was no more…

Perrian the Enchanter tried one last time to recover the treasure the Elves had scooped from his warriors – but was attacked by a wandering Ghoul and after dispatching the creature decided to call it a day.

Ginny (ugh… WHY!?) finished off the Ice Toad with her magic sword.


After the battle Perrian the Enchanter took stock. Toby the Theif was dead and his construct ruined beyond repair. Gorvak Thrice-Scorched and Altulian’s injuries were minor, but brunhilde’s and Altarius’ were more serious. Being the sort of wizard that is greatly concerned for his compatriots he paid a great deal of their earnings to have them healed (in game terms he fired them and hired new ones with the exact same name so he could have them back next game and not have them miss a game). The engagement was fruitful and many things were learned – he took copious notes about the Large Construct they encountered and the tactics of the Elves they faced. He gained 280 experience from the game (110 for the level difference, 70 for spells successfully cast and 100 for the two treasures they made off with). Among the treasures they recovered 230 gold was collected as well as Grimoires of Bones of the Earth and Animal Companion.

B’ob also gained much knowledge in this encounter – 230 experience was gained (110 for the level difference, 40 for spells, 50 for treasure, and 30 for the Golem Notes). D’oug, it turns out was fine – he was in fact not mauled by the bear, but had actually just fainted. In his solitary treasure B’ob found 40 gold and a Grimoire of Enchant Weapon.

Akzar Kallesel the Necromancer gained 190 experience – bringing him to TENTH LEVEL (30 for the level difference, 100 for treasures, and 60 for spells cast) – MWA-HA-HA-Ha-Ha-ha-haaaaaaa. The Skeletal Knight (with the +2 magic Sword), which always seems to be getting smashed into a pile of bones each game, was repairable and made ready for action in oru next game! Among the treasure he found 100 gold, and Grimoire of Forget Spell, and a Staff of Power (3) – MWA-HA-HA-Ha-Ha-ha-haaaaaaa….

Hermione was okay, her wounds were nothing a little healing spell couldn’t take care of. One of the Thugs and the Marksman (with the Magic Crossbow) were also not-too-badly off. The other thug  will miss a game, recovering from his injuries, but Winifred (the ohte Marksman) and Lief the Ranger died of their wounds. The Construct was also crushed beyond repair by the Ice Toad. The Thaumaturge gained 130 experience (100 for treasure and 30 for spells) and collected 625 gold(!?) and a Grimoire of Will Power

I like the mini campaign so far. Hopefully we’ll get to play Scenario Two: Field Research soon!

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  1. Excellent looking game Tim! This Frostgrave is really taking off!

    1. Thanks Ray! It does seem to be the Game de Jour...

  2. Nice report Tim. Starting to get some of the guys here psyched for this game system & will likely run it for my November gaming afternoon.