Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Star Wars: X-Wing Miniature Game

A couple weeks ago The Boy bought himself Star Wars: Edge of Empire and has been threatening to run a game of it for the family. This past week I broke down and picked up Star Wars: X-Wing Minature Game, thinking it would be fun to resove any spaceship encounters (I also bought a YT-2400 hoping he’s allow our party to have one… you know since I bought X-Wing… and the YT-2400… AND A GAME MASTERS KIT – it’s called a Game Master Bribe, son!).

I had a meeting cancelled this afternoon so we sat down to try it out – starting with the simplified Quick Start Rules!

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

So we cranked the inspirational tunes by John Williams and locked S-Foils in attack position and went at it in the Dining Room.

(Yes that’s the original Star Wars Soundtrack on vinyl…)

The Boy took the X-Wing and The Girl and I took TIE fighters (she was the Obsidian Squadron Pilot and I was a lowly Academy Pilot….)


The Boy and I raced towards each other! The Girl… she… well, I’m not sure what she was doing, but she assured me she “had a PLAN!”


Two hits scored on my TIE Fighter!!

Tsh-Tsh-Tsh-Tsh Ka-ROOOM!

I gave back as good as I got… sort of… that only knocked out his shields…



The Boy and I both pulled hard left turns and flew past each other. The Girl started coming back about to get into the action, but wasn’t quite in range…


VREEEEEW! Tsh-Tsh-Tsh-Tsh!

Wow, it’s almost like we planed that! I did a quick reverse maneuver and The Girl continued to swing around and we ended up like we were flying in perfect formation (just like the taught me at the academy!) Unfortunately The Girl’s shooting wasn’t quick so awesome – blasted arced out into space hitting nothing.

Tsh-Tsh-Tsh-Tsh Ka-ROOOM! Ka-ROOOM!

My shots were a bit more telling! Of course I used to bullseye Whomprats in my T-16 back home before I joined the Academy… so…


VREEEEEW! Tsh-Tsh-Tsh-Tsh!

I tried to put on the breaks and hoped The Boys X-Wing would stay in my arc of fire. Alas he gunned it and mad a turn towards us. The Girl, however, swung over in his direction and got a few more shots off… and missed…


Luckily, for us, The Boy’s quick shots were also wild and missed.


VREEEEEW! Tsh-Tsh-Tsh-Tsh!

Again The Boy and I made hard left turns and flew past each other. This time it was The Girl that did one of those fast reversey-loops and came up on his 7:30 and squeezed off a few more (inaccurate) shots!


VREEEEEW! Tsh-Tsh-Tsh-Tsh!  Ka-BOOOOM!!

I did a quick reverse, bringing the X-Wing into view (and The boy did the same!), but the Obsidian Squadron TIE piloted by The Girl swooped in between us and Finished off the Rebel Scum…


I did play this a few years back when my friend Paul brought it along when he came up for the 2014 Wargaming Birthday Bash/Ronin Campaign Weekend. I’ve been resistant to buying in because… well… it’s not cheap… and I don’t love pre-paints (Oh, these are all painted very nicely… but I do like painting my own!). But it is fun and quick-playing and captures the feel of an engagement between star fighters in the  Star Wars universe (which ignores all the physics of the real universe… and that’s okay!). And the kids are pretty jazzed about Star Wars at the moment... 

I kind of want to change my Edge of Empire character to a pilot of some sort so we can play THIS more!

We’ll probably read the standard rules after supper and play some more games this evening.

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

More Star Wars: X-wing… and then maybe back to some posts of freshly painted Great War Canadains! 


  1. I just love the way Star Wars has managed to get into another generation and that we can see them getting the same pleasures that we did so many years ago. Lego has amazingly, in this digital world, been doing the same for donkeys years. Some nice boom, crash there :-)

    1. Thanks, Norm! Star Wars certainly was a HUGE part of my childhood. I'm not as big of a fan nowadays, but I'm not exactly a hater. Currently it's got the kids excited, so I can roll with that.

  2. Great to see that you have succumb to the dark side!

  3. It is indeed a fantastic system. I really like the dial action followed by using those guides to ruler creep going on here!
    Glad you all enjoyed it!

    1. Oh you'd be surprised how much accidental bumping and shifting and adjusting can go on...

  4. X wine's a great game. I've also tried Armada with bigger ships but couldn't get to grips with it. Edge of the Empire is a really fun system...enjoy!

    1. It is certainly quick and fun and I'm looking forward to trying out some larger engagements. I have some 4'x4' battle boards out in the garage that were used for a DBA campaign. I doubt I'll ever need FOUR of them again - I'm not sure there was any campaign turn were we actually used all four. I've been thinking about painting one black and speckling it with starry white dots to use as out dedicated space battle board.

  5. Xwing is great for kids and kids' tendency to not do the "right" thing add to the chaos and fun.

    1. Yeah, The Girl's immediate hard left turn threw me for a loop. But it all worked out in the end!