Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Pan-Dimensional Mercenary, Commissar, and MORE Tallarn.

A Few things rolling off my workbench this week. I've been sick again and the dizzy spells are back with it - which is a little disconcerting. I haven't been able to sit for too long and paint, but as I'm sick and not doing much else - I've had a fair few opportunities to sit - even inf only briefly - and get a bit of painting done before my head hurt or was spinning and couldn't focus anymore and I needed to lie down...

John Gaunt - A.K.A. Grimjack - Pandimensional Mercenary. I picked this figure up earlier in the year and didn't realize who he was at the time - just thought he looked cool and for some reason looked a little familiar, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. later, in the summer, I happened to pick up a collection of Grimjack comics and was looking though them and sudden though "Waaaaiiiit a minute.... Where's that figure I bought!?" Originally I'd planned to paint those trousers in a tartan of sort... but after I realized who it was I had to paint him like he was in the comics. I was torn as to whether I should paint the gold and gold or paint it yellow like it was in the comics... I settled on gold...

The figure is from Miniature Figurines.

This fellow is actually from Lead Adventure Miniatures - I picked him up in the Astropolis II Kickstarter (He was actually released in the first Kickstarter, but I had had to pass on that one, so I picked him up in the second Kickstarter). I think he's supposed to be the first officer of the Astropolis, but I thought he'd make a PERFECT Commissar for my Imperil Guard.

A Tallarn Veteran Sergeant - a Gen-u-ine Games Workshop miniature.

 and finally a Heavy Weapon Squad for the Tallarn - armed with Mortars!

I had pretty good luck with the Mortars against Finnegan's Orks in our last little skirmish, so I thought I'd start off with these for some Heavy Support.

 That's all for now.

In other news....

the Drywall is up in then kitchen. Mudding should be finished by Friday and over the weekend we could potentially be painting. After that things should move along fairly quickly - the flooring guy should only take a couple days, the cabinet maker is just waiting on us, so as soon as the flooring guy is done, he'll start installing stuff and then we need to get the countertop people in and then the plumber again to finally hook things up. Should all be done well before the Holidaze.

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

I have a half finished Infantry Squad of Tallarn on the workbench that will probably be my next priority. After that? Probably the squad of Roughriders! Also on the workbench is a half painted Leman Rus Tank and a Scout Sentinel, assorted Astropolis figures, and just yesterday my friend John added some Adeptus Mechanics Skitarii Rangers and some Shadspire minis which he asked me to paint up for him. The Skitarri Rangers are for his Shadow War: Armageddon Kill Team as I will be starting a campaign of that in the new year.

After the kitchen is finished I think I'm going to be doing some minor renovating in the basement - no walls being torn out or anything - just hauling everything out of the game room, building some new shelves, maybe putting in some new lighting, reorganizing the whole mess and such. Hopefully it will all be done by the end of January - in time for the Winter Wargaming Weekend.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Crashed Aquila Lander and Space Hulk Genestealers

Well... I finished off a few items earlier this week that have been hauling my lead/plastic pile for far too long...

First up - the crashed Aquila Lander.

This is a lovely little bit of terrain from Games Workshop. It came with the boxed set of 40K a few editions back. My friend Other Tim was still playing 40K at the time and bought a couple boxes (as the boxed sets are relatively good deals) and had a spare set of these that he passed on.

As I've been playing 40K lately I thought I'd dig them out and quickly paint them up for some 40K specific scenery!

Next - Finally finished some of the Space Hulk Genestealers!!! These are from Space Hulk (Fourth Edition) that we got for Finnegan's birthday nearly TWO YEAR AGO!? I promised I'd paint up the miniatures for him... and... well...

I wish I could say this is a good chunk of them done, but I have two more batches of genestealers this size to finish AND a dozen Space Marine Terminators!? I am determined, however, to get these all done before Xmas break - So we can play a bunch of it over the holidaze.

It's be REALLY embarrassing if I didn't get them done before they release ANOTHER new edition!?

I was really torn about whether to base these or not... They're awfully wobbly and tippy as is. They're really big, though and it would be really awkward to try and fit them on 25mm bases - which would fit in the 25mm squares of the terrain tiles. I have some 30mm rounded edge bases that look like they'd be wide enough to offer some stability, but then they won't fit in the squares on the board. Mind you, these guys on their own don't really look like they'd fit in the little squares on board as is!?

The Terminators are and even worse - like modern terminators, the models are really designed for 40mm bases - tell me how the hell THAT is supposed to fit on the teeny, tiny 25mm squares of the board!?

So ridiculous...

Anybody else have any experience with trying to base the figures from Space Hulk (Fourth Edition)?

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

I have a bunch of Tallarn on the painting table at the moment... as well as some Eldar... and some Tau... and some Inquisition stuff... and a bunch of the Astropolis II Kickstarter stuff in various states of painting (most are based and primed...).

I've decided that for the Winter Wargaming Weekend/Wargaming Birthday Bash in February will be a Shadow War: Armageddon campaign - hence the disparate factions inhabiting my workbench at the moment.  Rather than setting in on Armageddon, I'll likely set it on Brind's World - the various factions, rather than searching for promethium caches, will be searching the jungles and caverns for archeotech left behind by the ancients that once inhabited the planet.

the next thing you're likely to see here, however, is some more Tallarn - I have an infantry section (to finish up the first platoon) and a heavy weapon section on the go. Then hopefully some more genestealers... and caverns... and maybe some game reports.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Cavern Squares

A little terrain project I've been thinking about for years and finally started working on...

These are the first three of a series of modular cavern terrain tiles I've been working on. (Looks like I need to touch up that black a bit...?).

I've cut bases and sides for sixteen or seventeen 30cm x 30cm square and three or four 30cm x 60cm. This will give me enough to easily fill a 120cm x 120cm board (~4'x4') - with some options - for a decent sized skirmish.

I could use them for just about any setting from dungeon-bashing-fantasy to science-fi - but as I'm sick to death of fantasy stuff, I've been mostly thinking of sci-fi scenarios as I build them up.

As they are uniform in size, my plan is to cut a bunch of 30mmx30mm cardboard squares so that I could cover them all up and potentially have players only reveal squares as they move into them.

I was going to build a ladder for the Dead End tile so it could be used as an entry tile.

Stay tuned as I hope to finish these up over the next month or so and have it as an option for a skirmish campaign I hope to launch in the new year.

I wasn't sure if I should do the walls and the floor the same colour. I ended up deciding to do them different - mostly for a bit of contrast. I'm not totally sure if I'm going to keep them this way.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Second Squad, First Platoon

I finished up a second Infantry Squad for my Tallarn Desert Raider force.

Second Squad, First Platoon.

The force grows steadily.

In other news, I've arranged to trade a bunch of Cadian Imperial Guardsmen to a guy in the local league who has an Ork Battleforce - still in shrink-wrap - that I'm going to pass along to Finnegan who will, in turn, buy me a couple of tanks...

Not sure what I'm going to paint up next... Another Infantry Squad? Finish off a squad of Roughriders? I have both on my paint table....

Thursday, November 2, 2017

More Tallarn Arrive

So this happened...

Yeah, that's another big lot of Tallarn I found on eBay. I've been looking for years and TWO lots show up in the space of about two months that were too good of deals to pass up... My gaming budget for the next year is kind of blown... but it will probably take me that long to paint these up...

So here is what I have now for Tallarn stuff...

I'm not totally set on the organization, but currently I'm working with something like this:

Company Commander + Command Squad
Lord Commissar(s)
Primaris Psyker

FIVE Infantry platoons, each with:
Platoon Commander + Command Squad
3x Infantry Squads

6x Special Weapon Squads (2x Sniper, 2x Plasma, 2x Melta)
(not sure if these will be attached to the infantry platoons or not just yet...)

11x Heavy Weapon Squads (3x Lascannon, 3x Mortar, 3x Auto Cannon, 2x Heavy Bolter)
(again not sure if these will be attached to infantry platoons or detatchements from a Regimental support company operating in support of the infantry company)

3x Roughrider Squads (9 each)

4x Scout Sentinels

Some tanks... I have two Leman Rus tanks (on assembled and partly painted, the second still on the sprue) which I will paint in Khaki and use as Tallarn armour. At SOME point I wouldn't mind picking up 2-3 more to fill out a Spearhead Detachment of Tallarn armour.

I still have three KV-2s and assorted bits to convert into Regnarok tanks but I'm not sure if I'll paint them up as Tallarn (I've been thinking of doing them as Valhallans...? Because, you know, that'll be the NEXT Guard army I put together when I ever get these done!?).

I've been reading Shadowsword by Guy Haley this past week and that's got me thinking about adding a super heavy at some point... (Curse those GW folks and their fun fluffy novels totally designed to make you want to buy more of their toys...)

Anyway, without any of the armour, I'm sitting at 2600 points of stuff. Not that I'd field it all together - but it gives me lots of OPTIONS. I'm not sure how I'd field the whole company all together...? a "Brigade Detachment" has only 12 spots for "troops"... I guess I could do a Brigade AND a Battalion detachment - which would be 15 Command Points! But I'd have to come up with another HQ option or two...? A second Company Commander seems silly when I'm only actually fielding a company. I guess the second Company Commander could - fluff-wise - be called the 2.I.C. or something...?

October 2017 Boardgames Round-Up

After all that boardgame playing in September, we didn't actually play ANY boardgames in October. Oh, we played games - it's just that none of them were boardgames!? (okay, there were a few boardgames we played on the 1st of October on the last day of ToonCon, but they were included in the Tim's ToonCon 2017 Report, so I consider them kind of separate).

The lack of gaming has less to do with 'gaming fatigue' after all that gaming in September and more to do with us just being really busy and having a kitchen renovation going on. Not that we were constantly working on the kitchen, but the fact that it is in a state of renovation has caused a lot of disruption - everything has been moved out of the dining room and kitchen and placed elsewhere in the house. Our "Art Room" (which was originally a kitchen in a basement suite we no longer rent out) has become our temporary kitchen and dining room - but a lot of the stuff from there has been moved into the game room as was a lot of the stuff from the TV room as we had to access the plumbing in there... and none of it has moved back out. So the basement game room is full of crap and is completely unusable and we don't have our big dining room table anymore - Amanda decided to get rid of it and get a NEW dining room table for the new dining room - whenever it happens to be finished. Which leaves the coffee table in the living room from playing on - which, conveniently I build boards that fit over top of it years ago for DBA and we've been using those for some gaming, but it is not ideal (oh and the living room also has a stove and dishwasher sitting in it awaiting installation into new kitchen... someday...)

Warhammer 40,000 (8th Edition) 

We did play a fair bit of Warhammer 40,000 (8th Edition).

On the 14th we tried a big Power Level 70 game of Necrons versus my Guaiacan Commandoes. Too big of a game, we only finished one turn.

You can read about it here:

Another Crack at 40K 8th

The following Thursday (19 October 2017) we tried again - this time with smaller forces (Power Level 18). This time we got in two full games - each of the kids took on their friend's smaller force of Necrons.

You can read about those games here:

Ambushes on Brind's World

On Saturday Finnegan and I tried another quick game and I started to try and weave a bit of a narrative together to explain these games.

You can read all the fluff and the after action report here:

Again With The 40K

Finally we got in one more game on Monday, 23 October 2017. This was Orks versus Tyranids.

That report can be found here:

Elsewhere on Brind's World

Tales from the Loop

In addition returning to Warhammer 40,000 I also returned to running a role-playing game! It's been over three years since I last ran any role-playing games. I have been playing in a few run by my friend Bruce - he ran us through the Masks of Nyarlathotep campaign using Savage Worlds (which took about a year and half) and  for the last year and a bit has been running a D&D 5e campaign set in Primeval Thule.

We had initially made some characters for Tales from the Loop in August or September, but when we actually got to playing this month, two of the initial players had to drop out and another joined us. So the first session was mostly making a new character and redefining relationships. I did briefly introduce the Mystery to the kids at the end of the first session. I am running the Four Seasons of Mad Science campaign out of the book and started them on the first Mystery: summer Break and Killer Birds.

In the second session the kids continues the adventure, starting to piece together bits of what it going on - but also going off on a few tangents. The next session - this Saturday - They should be able to finish it up.

It's been a bit of a challenge. I'm not sure I've totally gotten my GM mojo back and Tales from the Loop is quite different from other games I've run - I do like it - it's just a bit different and I'm not sure if I've got the pacing right or if I'm getting enough Everyday Life Scenes into the mix...

The plan is to run four more session - two in November and two in December - and then we'll see where we're at. It could take a bit longer than that for us to run through the entire Four Seasons of Mad Science campaign, so we may continue into January. I don't expect we will continue after that, but who knows.

I would like to get a 40K RPG campaign off the ground - either Only War or Rogue Trader. Or possibly BOTH - with different groups!

The renovation is likely to drag on into December, but the hope is by Xmas we'll have a kitchen and dining room on the main floor again and hopefully a new dining room table to play board games on.

In the new year, after all the kitchen renovating is done, sights will be turned to the basement Game Room - which has been, more or less, in a state of disaster since the last renovation 4 years ago... Once I can get all the extra stuff stored in there out, there will be a major clean out and reorganization.

The old, purpose-built game table is going to be dismantled and a new (to us) table Amanda found on Kijiji is going in there. It's a proper table (unlike the current one, built out of 2x4s and 3/4" MDF) with 6 big fancy comfortable chairs. the table itself is just over 1m wide by just over 2m long - so a bit smaller than the old gaming table, but it's just as solid and while miniature gaming can still be done on it, it's more suited to boardgames (and role-playing games) which we do far more often these days anyway.

If all the starts align properly, my hope is that it could all be ready for my birthday at the end of February - just in time for a Wargaming Birthday Bash Weekend! Time to start thinking about what I might do for that, I guess... A Shadow War: Armageddon campaign had crossed my mind - since we're playing a lot of 40K these days... But I was also thinking of reviving my plan to run a Song of Shadows and Dust campaign...

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

More Tallarn Snipers

I finished up a second Astra Militarum Special Weapon (Sniper) Squad for my Tallarn forces this week. This was, admittedly, a bit of silly thing to do as not only do I have two other special weapon squads - one of the ones I already have is a sniper squad. There is no logical reason for me to have done these. I just did. I should probably get working on some bog standard Infantry Squads.

Here are all the infantry elements of the Tallarn force so far. I do also have a single roughrider that I forgot to bring out for the picture.

Actually I should get on with some of those Space Hulk miniatures.

I don't work well with "should"s though.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Tallarn Roughrider

I have a unit of nine Tallarn Roughriders on my painting desk. I started out doing them as a group, but then finished up this one just to see how it would turn out.

I decided to do them in black headscarves, like I did with the Command Section, to indicate some sort of elite or veteran status - though stat-wise, they really aren't...

I figure one would really have to be some kind of bad-ass to go charging into combat in the 41st millennium on HORSEBACK! So....

about half of them have that trim at the bottom of their smock. I wasn't sure if I should do them in camouflage - like the infantry - or really bling them up like the Officer. Ultimately I decided to go with camouflage like the infantry. I painted the trim up on this guy, but now I'm thinking I might carve it off the rest of them... I don't know...

They originally came on some crazy long narrow bases - that were rounded at the end. I didn't like the look of them and decided to go with round ones. Though I normally base my guys on washers, I'd previously based a GW plastic horse on one of these rounded plastic bases and didn't mind it so much, so I've gone with those instead. With the ones they came with I could probably pack them into a single tight line abreast and get more into direct contact with anyone they charged, but the close combat rules say as long as they're within 1" of another model that is within 1" of the enemy they can participate, so I'm not worried about the base making it harder to get into combat.

Originally I'd envisioned converting them so they'd be festooned with kit - like WW2 Desert SAS jeeps - but on horseback. But when I actually got to working on these I realized a lot of what I'd like to do would interfere with the tails of their smack. In the end I just added a couple small bags, rolls, or waterskis to each.

Up Next?

While I have another eight of these on the workbench, I may shuffle them to the side momentarily as they wait the arrived of another lot of Tallarn I picked up... yeah... ANOTHER one - and this one is almost as big as the last one and will basically double the size of the force I will have (because apparently I didn't have enough already!?). With the new batch I should be able to put together four platoons of four infantry squads, TWO units of 10 roughriders - each with an actual sergeant figure (so, waiting on that sergeant before I finish these) and adding a pile more heavy weapon teams - including NINE mortar!?

Maybe I should get some of the Genestealers done while I'm waiting...?

Actually I'll probably finish up Sniper Section #2 - as I have only two figures to paint to finish it up.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Elsewhere on Brind's World...

The kids' friend had another day off school on Monday and this time brought his Tyranids over to play....

Brind's World 3.810.017.M42

A meteorid slipped through the network of Imperial ships orbiting Brind's World. It had been noted on auspex, but figured to be a lifeless rock and small enough that it would burn up on entering the atmosphere. Indeed it lit up the sky as it came plummeting out of the heavens and streaked across the skies of Brind's World. It was even visible to the troops of #3 Commando, 222nd Guaiacan Commando Regiment that has recently been deployed to the surface. It did not completely burn up however. 

The wayward hiveship from Hivefleet Haemorrhoid  made landfall over a thousand kilometres to the east of #3 commando's current area of operations. It crashed into the surface with a thunderous explosion that could be heard hundreds of kilometres away and levelled an area of the equatorial jungle at least 20 kilometres in diameter. Almost immediately the mob began to disgorge it's contents onto the world: swarms of Tyranids which skittered out in every direction.

Warboss Blitzagg, who was in the area gathered up parts of his mob to go and check out the source of the bring light and big boom... 


Warboss Blitzagg's Mob
Warboss Blitzagg 
20 Boyz
Wazdigg's War Buggy
Power Level: 17, Patrol Detachment - 4 Command Points

Elements of Hivefleet Haemorrhoid
Tyaranid Prime 
2 Tyranid Warriors
20 Termagaunts
10 Hormagaunts
Power Level: 19, Patrol Detachment - 4 Command Points


It was agreed that we'd played enough of the Ambush scenario and they boyz decided to play a simple Patrol Scenario. Both would start with three units on the table, and extras started in reserve and could be rolled for starting on Round Two. Victory points were scored for each unit destroyed (an element in a few scenarios that I am not fond of as my Astra Militarum forces tent to have a large number of low cost units - even if I took out an equal part of an enemy force - points-wise - they would still win because my points are divided out into so many units...?) 


It was determined that the Tyranid Prime's name was Chcczkhch (sounds like someone with bronchitis clearing their throat) - to which Finnegan responded "Funny name, must be Greek!" (only I laughed...). Warlord traits were rolled for - Warboss Blitzagg got Tenacious Survivor and Tyranid Prime Chcczkhch got Legendary Fighter. 

The Field of Battle - again with the jungle ruins - ruins seem to feature pretty prominently amid the equatorial jungles of Brind's World. Who built these? Where did they go?

The Girl decided she didn't want to play today - she was more interested in getting some more figures painted (which we did do in the afternoon after the game!). But she hung out and watched and cheered on her brother's Orks. 

Finnegan deploying his mob go Orks. 

Horde of Termagaunts from Hivefleet Haemorrhoid.

Lead elements of the patrol from Hivefleet Haemorrhoid.

Overview of things, just before the sh!t got real. 


The Tyranids won the dice off and decided to take the first turn. 

Termagaunts charging though the jungle towards the Orks - they could smell the tasty, tasty ork flesh... 


End of the Tyranid Turn - all moved and advanced - no shooting. 

Finnegan starting to move the Orks out of the ruin they were hanging out in.

With a gout of black smoke and squealing of tires, Wazdigg's War Buggy roared onto the scene launching missiles at the surging mass of Hormagaunts. The swaying bumping buggy made the missiles spray wildly off in different directions - none of which were populated by enemy - but they made a great WHOOOSHing noise followed by a loud CRACK upon detonation - and that's all Wazdigg really cared about.... 

The Ork boyz and Warboss Blitzagg, having advanced out of the ruin and into a stand of trees they could barely make out the advancing enemy and so all began shooting. 

The ferocious crackle and loud banging of many, varied firearms announced the advance of the Orks. leaves rustled and trees shook and bullets impacted them, but none found their way beyond the wood to where the tryanids paused for but a moment... 


Round two saw the arrival of the two Tyranid Warriors from reserve. They lumbered onto the table, but could not spot any enemy to charge or shoot at. 

The Hormogaunts did charge the Orks. Overwatch fire killed many more trees... and one hormogaunts. The Hormogaunts may have knocked out an Ork or two, but for some reason I made no note of it...? Then the Orks got to hit back. Two of the Hormogaunts were crushed in Warboss Blitzagg's fearsome Power Klaw, and the rest were killed by the rest of the Boyz... 


Meanwhile the Tyranid Prime, leading the horde of Termagaunts, continued it's advance. 

On the Orks turn, Warboss Blitzagg and the Boyz advanced, crushing the remains of the hormogaunts under their boots as they trompled though through the woods. As they lead elements got to the edge of the stand of jungle they spied the Tyranid prime leading the Termagaunts and unloaded on the "Big'un Bug"... with little effect... 

Seeing the Hormogaunts disappear into the woods and hearing their the sounds of their demise at the hands of their bother orks, Wazdigg set off in search of other prey. His driver pulled a few doughnuts, spitting up turf and showering the trees with dirt and brought them around to face the advancing Tyranid Warriors. Again, Wazdigg, to his own delight, launched rockets off into the jungle destroying much flora, but leaving the Tyrannids completely untouched. 


Chcczkhch, Tyranid Prime of Hivefleet Haemorrhoid, shuffled forward and spewed forth some biological atrocity into the surging mob of Orks, infecting (and ultimately killing) two of them. The Termagaunts caught up with their leader and also spit grossness into the woods, but the Orks were unaffected by this. 

The Tyranid Warriors skittered towards Wazdigg's War Buggy, which had finally screeched to a halt, and unleashed a torrent of venomous goo at Wazdigg! Though part of the buggy was splashed with the foul gunk (and would eventually cause some considerable corrosion), Wazdigg and his driver remained unharmed and the buggy remained in operation.

On the Orks turn Wazdigg fired back at the Tyranid warriors, now that the buggy had halted his missiles were a bit more accurate and hit one of the warriors. The initial wound roll failed, rolling a one. As it was 2+ to wound, Finnegan decided it was totally worth using a Command Point for a re-roll and succeeded. The Tyranids wasted two command points re-rolling saves... Tyranid warrior still died in an explosion of smoke and fire and pinkish-green goo. 

The Orks fired on the Termagaunts. The torrent of bullets took down SEVEN of them! 


The Tyranid Prime and Termagaunts returned fire and took out four more Orks. The Tyranid Warrior spouted another blast of venomous goo and it managed to eat through one of the tires (1 wound!) not that that ever slowed Wazdigg's War Buggy!?

Then the Orks went... 

Wazdigg hit the remaining Tyranid Warrior with TWO missiles causing SIX WOUNDs blowing to bits. 

The Boyz unleashed another torrent of fire at the Termagaunts, killing another four and then charged in. Overwatch fire proved ineffective and the Orks overran and utterly destroyed the Termagaunts. The Tyranid Prime, who had done a"heroic intervention" to enter the fray, used two command points to preform a counterattack - allowing it to attack before the next charging unit (Warboss Blitzagg). It's scything talons, slashed down FOUR Ork boys. Then Warboss Blitzagg took a chunk out of the Tyranid Prime with his Power Klaw. 


The Tyranid Prime was still standing and would not give up! It stood and fought to the last. It took down one more Ork Boy before Warboss Blitzagg caught it up in his Power Claw and utterly crushed it, severing it's head, spurting foetid yellow ichor all over the place... 


I did not expect that engagement to be quite so... one-sided... I had a feeling the Orks would come out on top, but still... Regardless, fun was had and everyone was still smiling at the end of the game and vowing vengeance.

We probably won't get in another game until some time next week, however. When we do, though, it might be time to notch up the Power Level a bit. Maybe 20-25? I don't want to jump right up to 30 or 40 and have game bog down and end up being boring... 

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

I have been working on some Tallarn Roughriders. I finished one as a sample and will hopefully get some pics up here soonish.

I did take pictures of each unit in my (now completed!) Guaiacan Commando force, but most of them turned out pretty grainy and/or out of focus... I think I'm going to discard the lot of them and wait for a day with better lighting conditions to try again.