Sunday, January 15, 2017

Micro Distractions

Back with a few “Epic scale” Eldar I finished knocked off Saturday evening. (I also worked on some great war stuff and was waiting for green stuff to cure before painting, so I cranked out a few of these guys.

I had been freaking out a few weeks back wondering where my Future War Commander book had gotten to and finally asked Other Tim if he had a copy (or if maybe I’d loaned him mine…?) and it turned out I had. H returned it to me this week and I’ve been a little distracted reading through that again and trying to remember how it worked and how units were organized and did some costing out of things.

Apparently I have WAY more Marines than I could ever hope to have opponents to fiend the entire force against!? Remember that unit of Terminators I finished last month? Yeah those four elements of Terminators and an HQ are over 1000 points – not including their Land Raiders!? Granted that is probably the most pricey unit in the force… but still, I have a LOT more Marines… Not so much of anything else.

I thought when I had pare moments I might finish up a few Eldar things – here and there. I do have Orks, but I have to paint SO MANY to be any match for the Marines. I figured the Eldar are closer to being able to going toe-to-toe with them.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

Stinging Scorpions

Actually only two of these elements are newly painted. The other four elements were painted when I got them and I decided they were painted well enough I’d leave them and just rebased them. I had two other elements of Stinging Scorpions that I recently tried to paint to match them – can you tell which are mine?

Old School Falcon Grav… Tanks…? I always think of the Falcon as a “Tank” but it’s really more of an IFV, isn’t it?  I thought I’d paint the tanks to sort of match the colour scheme of the infantry they’ll carry.

I also have a fair few Grav bikes (or where they Jet bikes..?) I though I’d use them as HQ elements and have likewise painted it to match the general scheme.

The Eldar Force so far…

Should Stinging Scorpions all be deployed in one big force like this…? Or should they be tasked out as single elements in various different war hosts. I have to admit, I don’t know enough of the fluff about Eldar Tactical doctrine. That’s what I both love and hate about the 40K universe – it has such a rich and fleshed out background that there probably IS some book with detailed fluff describing Eldar tactical doctrine… and that makes me worry that some know-it-all could come along and tell me I’m not organizing MY purely fantastical toys right…

Among the other elements painted so far are four elements of Fire Dragons, 3 Elements of Harlequins (sadly there seems to be no stat line for Harlequins in FWC…), and 12 more Falcon IFVs. The Fire Dragons and Harlequins weren't painted by me - I got them with the Striking Scorpions - and they were nice enough that I just re-based them.

I see now I've changed how I painted the Falcons. I'm going to have to do some touch-ups on them - including the ones I just did! the one unit with the gold canopies I'll re-do to match the red ones of the other units, and I just realized that there's a gold bit on the shooty-laser-blaster-stick-thingie that I missed  on the ones I just painted. 

Not that I'm going to do any more work on these right away, I'm wondering if I should do some Falcons to match the Fire Dragons next, or some infantry to go in the other Falcons I have painted. Guardians or Dire Avengers...? 

I need to find something to use as a command element for the entire force... 

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

A brief update on the status of the Vimy Project. 


  1. Last I saw, Aspect warriors were fielded in hosts of 8 elements, with the option for Falcons.
    I can't imagine anyone giving you a hard time over it, esp. if you're the host.

    1. Oh, it's not the people I'm playing with I worry about. It's random anonymous commenters from the interwebs...

  2. Now that you mention it, I think you used the wrong shade of yellow on those helmets...

  3. It should be easy enough to come up with a stat line for any unit. Just compare it to other units in the same force and pick appropriate numbers (up or down compared to units with stat lines. Use the same method for cost because all the units with the same stat lines cost the same.

    As far as repainting goes, just claim that the differences are due to small upgrades some units. Of course, you'd know otherwise. Which is why you are likely to repaint them.

    1. I know.. When I get around to reading the rules and seriously thinking about I'm sure i'll be able to come up with something.

      The nice thing about these wee things is touching up a thing on four or six vehicles takes a minute or two. I can see why people really dig micro scale stuff.