Sunday, May 7, 2017


It was a Theme Round last week on the Lead Adventure Forum’s Lead Painter’s League. The theme was “Ship’s Crew”. I’d originally thought I’d do some Hasslefree Miniatures as spaceship crew… but then I ended up king of running out of time and just cranked out a few random pirates I had left over. I’m not even sure where they came from…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

Yarrrrr! Pirates!

I lost last weeks (with the above pirates), which put me way down tin the ranks… So I worked my ASS off on this week’s entry… only to be matched up with Curt (CUUUUUUURRRRRRRRT!) . Actually I don’t at all mind losing to a guy like Curt – because he is just such a superb painter… It was a bit dispiriting though, having worked so hard and really been hoping for a win this week… gah!

I have to admit I guess I just don’t get how the match-ups work – I thought with a Swiss Draw the first two in the standings are paired off, then the next two, etc… perhaps they have a system built in so that people don’t get paired up with the same participants…? I don’t know… 

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Um….? Maybe this week’s entry… sometime next week… Not really working on much else at this point. Perhaps I’ll get a game in…? I don’t know. Everything seems to have gone CrAzY around here and I can’t seen to get anything done. 


  1. Great looking pirates, you've got your work cut out with Curt! Best of luck!

    1. Yeah, I have pretty much consigned myself to defeat this round. Doesn't look like I'm about to be thrashed quite so badly as last round... but still...

  2. Aaaarrr, that be a scurvy crew of seadogs. Nice work on them!

  3. Hi Tim,
    I came across your blog looking for Pirates. We had just released a Pirate Kickstarter and thought you might be interested. I noticed you have mentioned some of our other minis on your site.

    1. I have no need of any more pirates...


  4. I understand! You do have quite a collection. If you change your mind just let me know and I will have a batch o'Pirates winging your way. That also goes for any of our other ranges, just ask.