Sunday, August 6, 2017

RPGaDay 2017 #6

Question #6

You can game every day for a week. Describe what you’d do!

Well… it depends…

This seems like a question that’s meant to inspire you to dream a little – like wow wouldn’t this be cool if we could game every day for a week?! But I’m in a position that I potentially COULD game every day for a week. Heck for the last few years we’ve played a game every day for the month of September!? Often when there are school breaks and the kids don’t have activities we DO play games all week long…

So… How do I answer this question? What would I do different? What am I going to do NEXT time we have a week off and want to do some gaming? It really would depend on who is going to be available for this week. Would I have one group of people that will be available EVERY DAY for that week? Are we talking gaming ALL DAY for every day of the week? How much preparation time do I have…?

I guess if I could get the right people together, and they could play all day, every day for a whole week I’d love to run an entire complete, marathon-session, RPG campaign from character creation to ultimate epic conclusion. Or possibly an extended miniature campaign – like the ones I’ve done over a weekend, but extend it to an entire week!

Which campaign? Well, that would really depend on what people could make it!

I guess if we were dreaming and assuming if there was anything I organized the right people would be available to play... well I always thought the idea of a D&D Birthright campaign sounded interesting. I wouldn't use any of the actual D&D Birthright stuff, but just the idea that the players take on the roles of nobility with land and armies at their disposal... and have to defend their lands against neighbouring nobles that desire to take it by guile or force... or bring disparate, feuding nobles together to fight against a greater enemy...? It'd be fun to incorporate some miniature battles into it either Lion Rampant/Dragon Rampant or DBA/Hordes of the Things (depending on the scale of action). 

Another campaign I'd LOVE to run over an extended weekend (or a week) would be a HUGE Song of Shadows and Dust campaign -with, like, 12 players. Each would have their own faction and their own home turf - I would have a huge map of their city and the different neighbourhoods and districts. Each district would have a different benefit to the controlling player. There would be more neighbourhoods than players, so to start they could fight over new neighbourhoods and once they were all snapped up they would have to try and expand into other's turf while simultaneously trying to defend their own. I'd also like to works some chariot racing into it using Faustus Furius.

Another idea I had was to have a campaign on two different levels (this wouldn't be a one week sort of thing, but rather run over a number of months). On one level I would have a group of players locally that would be playing a medieval-ish fantasy campaign as a minor noble and their retinue that has just come into power, surrounded by potentially hostile neighbours. On the other level I could have other players - playing by email, perhaps, that represent the aforementioned hostile neighbours. So on one level it would run like some of the other play-by-email miniature campaigns I've ran in the past (like the one I ran... oh... eight years ago!?) except in the midst of this war there would be an actual role-playing group of adventurers trying to do... well... whatever it is they are trying to do. Oooh - maybe if they players actually decided to travel to the lands to negotiate with the leaders of the other factions I could organize Skype session with them! 

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