Thursday, November 2, 2017

October 2017 Boardgames Round-Up

After all that boardgame playing in September, we didn't actually play ANY boardgames in October. Oh, we played games - it's just that none of them were boardgames!? (okay, there were a few boardgames we played on the 1st of October on the last day of ToonCon, but they were included in the Tim's ToonCon 2017 Report, so I consider them kind of separate).

The lack of gaming has less to do with 'gaming fatigue' after all that gaming in September and more to do with us just being really busy and having a kitchen renovation going on. Not that we were constantly working on the kitchen, but the fact that it is in a state of renovation has caused a lot of disruption - everything has been moved out of the dining room and kitchen and placed elsewhere in the house. Our "Art Room" (which was originally a kitchen in a basement suite we no longer rent out) has become our temporary kitchen and dining room - but a lot of the stuff from there has been moved into the game room as was a lot of the stuff from the TV room as we had to access the plumbing in there... and none of it has moved back out. So the basement game room is full of crap and is completely unusable and we don't have our big dining room table anymore - Amanda decided to get rid of it and get a NEW dining room table for the new dining room - whenever it happens to be finished. Which leaves the coffee table in the living room from playing on - which, conveniently I build boards that fit over top of it years ago for DBA and we've been using those for some gaming, but it is not ideal (oh and the living room also has a stove and dishwasher sitting in it awaiting installation into new kitchen... someday...)

Warhammer 40,000 (8th Edition) 

We did play a fair bit of Warhammer 40,000 (8th Edition).

On the 14th we tried a big Power Level 70 game of Necrons versus my Guaiacan Commandoes. Too big of a game, we only finished one turn.

You can read about it here:

Another Crack at 40K 8th

The following Thursday (19 October 2017) we tried again - this time with smaller forces (Power Level 18). This time we got in two full games - each of the kids took on their friend's smaller force of Necrons.

You can read about those games here:

Ambushes on Brind's World

On Saturday Finnegan and I tried another quick game and I started to try and weave a bit of a narrative together to explain these games.

You can read all the fluff and the after action report here:

Again With The 40K

Finally we got in one more game on Monday, 23 October 2017. This was Orks versus Tyranids.

That report can be found here:

Elsewhere on Brind's World

Tales from the Loop

In addition returning to Warhammer 40,000 I also returned to running a role-playing game! It's been over three years since I last ran any role-playing games. I have been playing in a few run by my friend Bruce - he ran us through the Masks of Nyarlathotep campaign using Savage Worlds (which took about a year and half) and  for the last year and a bit has been running a D&D 5e campaign set in Primeval Thule.

We had initially made some characters for Tales from the Loop in August or September, but when we actually got to playing this month, two of the initial players had to drop out and another joined us. So the first session was mostly making a new character and redefining relationships. I did briefly introduce the Mystery to the kids at the end of the first session. I am running the Four Seasons of Mad Science campaign out of the book and started them on the first Mystery: summer Break and Killer Birds.

In the second session the kids continues the adventure, starting to piece together bits of what it going on - but also going off on a few tangents. The next session - this Saturday - They should be able to finish it up.

It's been a bit of a challenge. I'm not sure I've totally gotten my GM mojo back and Tales from the Loop is quite different from other games I've run - I do like it - it's just a bit different and I'm not sure if I've got the pacing right or if I'm getting enough Everyday Life Scenes into the mix...

The plan is to run four more session - two in November and two in December - and then we'll see where we're at. It could take a bit longer than that for us to run through the entire Four Seasons of Mad Science campaign, so we may continue into January. I don't expect we will continue after that, but who knows.

I would like to get a 40K RPG campaign off the ground - either Only War or Rogue Trader. Or possibly BOTH - with different groups!

The renovation is likely to drag on into December, but the hope is by Xmas we'll have a kitchen and dining room on the main floor again and hopefully a new dining room table to play board games on.

In the new year, after all the kitchen renovating is done, sights will be turned to the basement Game Room - which has been, more or less, in a state of disaster since the last renovation 4 years ago... Once I can get all the extra stuff stored in there out, there will be a major clean out and reorganization.

The old, purpose-built game table is going to be dismantled and a new (to us) table Amanda found on Kijiji is going in there. It's a proper table (unlike the current one, built out of 2x4s and 3/4" MDF) with 6 big fancy comfortable chairs. the table itself is just over 1m wide by just over 2m long - so a bit smaller than the old gaming table, but it's just as solid and while miniature gaming can still be done on it, it's more suited to boardgames (and role-playing games) which we do far more often these days anyway.

If all the starts align properly, my hope is that it could all be ready for my birthday at the end of February - just in time for a Wargaming Birthday Bash Weekend! Time to start thinking about what I might do for that, I guess... A Shadow War: Armageddon campaign had crossed my mind - since we're playing a lot of 40K these days... But I was also thinking of reviving my plan to run a Song of Shadows and Dust campaign...

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