Sunday, January 7, 2018

Tallarn Veteran Squad/Shadow War Armageddon Kill Team

I finished up a handful of Tallarn infantry this week. I painted most with the black headgear I've been using to denote Veterans. The primary reason I painted these was to use them as a Kill Team in Shadow War: Armageddon, but also painted up a heavy weapons team with a missile launcher so it could be used as a Veteran Squad in 40K.

The lot of them (the new ones painted this week)

Here are some of them (with a previously painted Sergeant) deployed as a Veteran Squad in 40K. Not sure how often I'll use Veteran Squads - they eat up an Elite Slot... I have so many other things I could field as Elites. Loads of Special Weapon Squads, mostly. Mind you, add a Sergeant, a Heavy Weapons team and one other dude with a Lasgun and that Special Weapons team could be a veteran squad... Hmmmm... guess I'll have to actually GET PLAYING MORE and find out which is more useful...?

These are the models currently designated as the dedicated Shadow War: Armageddon Kill Team options.

And this is what I am currently toying with to use as my starter Kill Team for Shadow War: Armageddon. It consisted of:

Veteran Sergeant - Kill Team Leader - Flak Armour, Combat Blade, Chainsword, Bolt Pistol - 170 points

2x Veteran Guardsman - Toopers - Flak Armour, Combat Blade, Lasgun - @85 = 170 points

2x Guardsmen - Recruits - Flak Armour, Combat Blade, Lasgun - @75 = 150

Special Weapons Operator - Specialist - Flak Armour, Combat Blade, Meltagun - 165

Special Weapons Operator - Specialist - Flak Armour, Combat Blade, Plasma Gun - 150 points

Special Weapons Operator - Specialist - Flak Armour, Combat Blade, Grenade Launcher (frag and kraken) - 195

Total - 1000 points

No idea if this is going to work out - but as I figured I might as well take as many Specialists as I could to start as they cost more than 100 points. Basic recruitment between games allows 100 points to use for new recruits - which could easily get me a fully kitted out regular trooper (Veteran Guardsman) to recruit more requires using up a precious promethium cache. I didn't add in grenades or weapon reloads or any other fancy equipment as I figured more "boots on the ground" would be desirable in the beginning sessions. I need to protect those specialists, though and try to not expose them to danger...

Now to actually find some time to TRY the game!! The kids have their Kill Teams ready...

In Other News... 

Earlier this week Amanda, The Girl and I got in a game of Splendor while Finnegan was playing D&D with a group of friends..

One of the kids friends came over another day and we got in a game of 40K - a full report of that action can be found here:

Return to Action on Brind's World - Orks versus Necrons
Finnegan's 14th birthday was this past week and, unlike the last few years school was not back in session, so he was able to organize a full day of gaming with friends!

That full day of gaming ended up being two really long games - first they played a really long game of Red Dragon Inn.

Followed by a really long game of Sentinels of the Multiverse...

They did stop to eat some pizza I made...

And CAKE!!!

He asked for an Ork Skull cake... so... not one of my most inspired cakes... but... it got eaten.. no one complained...

I also finished off my short Tales from the Loop campaign last night. I had originally planned to run the four mysteries from the main rulebook as a short campaign from September to December every other Saturday, but as we missed a few sessions and the players really like exploring things, I only just finished up the first mystery!? It was fun, I guess... There were some novel elements to the system, it was a fun walk down memory lane for most of us, but I'm not sure I could run it for very long...

I've decided to start a new campaign for the new year: Rogue Trader - so expect lots of weird sci-fi minis and terrain getting painted in the coming weeks and game reports as the campaign gets underway!

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

In addition to the aforementioned stuff I'll be getting ready for the Rogue Trader campaign I'll Still be chugging away at all the other Tallarn stuff and Shadow War Armageddon Kill Teams and all that other stuff on the list of stuff to paint in the Game Plan 2018. But first, I'm going to finish those first two Shadespire warbands for John!


  1. That Veteran squad looks ace! Love the paint scheme.

  2. Nice looking Tallarns, looking forward to your take on the Rogue Trader stuff.
    Best Iain

  3. Oh man, those Tallarn figures are SWEET. Excellent work, very well done!