Sunday, January 28, 2018

Tau Pathfinders

I've been working on these Tau Pathfinders, on and off, for some time now. I finally got a chance to finish them up this weekend. I'd originally had five I picked up years ago - just to have as a team that could be used in an encounter in Rogue Trader or Only War. I picked a few more up when we started looking at Shadow War: Armageddon, to have enough for a Kill Team.

Tau Pathfinders from Games Workshop. These are older metal models - though the one with the Ion Rifle is a conversion (as there are not metal ones out there with Ion Rifles - at least, no that I know of!).

One of the first ones' I picked up was painted in a similar scheme of green and black and, at the time I liked it better than the standard white or yellow or blue that you usually see Tau painted in, and decided I would paint mine that way. About part way through I got sick of the scheme and even at one point considered stripping them all and starting over... but then laziness overtook me and I decided to push on and just finish them up, call it done and move on. Now they're done, I'm starting to warm up to them... 

Because they there are some similar poses and stats are tracked individually - as they could be increased between games - I've added some individual symbols on their helmets to help with identifying them. I also considered including different coloured tufts of flowers on the bases... I might actually still add those, actually.

Amanda is planning to use these in our campaign - whenever we get that going. I guess now that I have these done, we could get started anytime now. The kids have theirs done, I have no end of Imperial guard I could use - but I do have a dedicated team of Tallarn I painted. 

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

After finishing these up last night, I did a bit of work on the Tallarn roughriders. I think I'll try and push to get those done next, then maybe some regular infantry.... then finish up the Shadowsword and get started on the Warhound Titan?

I might also try to paint up another Kill Team or two for Shadow War: Armageddon - Orks or maybe Eldar...? Or Chaos...? I have enough miniatures could easily put together Kill Teams for any of those (if they were PAINTED!) I also have two or three Space Marine Scouts, but not enough for a full Kill Team... I think I also have some Drukhari (or whatever they're calling the Space Dark Elves these days), but they're plastic and still requiring assembling... so I doubt they'll see action in SW:A - perhaps as an encounter in Rogue Trader as I originally intended.

I'll Also have a brief post about this weeks games - perhaps this evening. My hope is to play either 40K or Shadow War: Armageddon sometime this week - so stay tuned for a game report if I can convince the stars to align and make that happen!


  1. Makes a nice change seeing Tau in green, I like your additional symbols too.
    Best Iain

  2. No metal ion guns, they added those at the same time as the plastic kit. (my copy of which has been sitting in my desk drawer for... a while now). The metal figures have excellent poses though, and yours have turned out nicely.

    I quite like realistic color Tau, although it does make them look less eye catching on the table top!

    1. Thanks!

      I figured pathfinders probably wouldn't want to be be so eye-catching!

  3. "Now they're done, I'm starting to warm up to them..." Boy, I've been there! Great work.