Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Adepta Sororitas Canoness

My partner does play miniature games with us. She even likes having her own force. She can't be bothered to paint anything and very rarely buys anything - usually only when I say "well, if you want your own, I'll paint if for you, if you buy it..." I painted up some Tau for her to use in our Shadow War Armageddon Campaign, but their performance was underwhelming. Someone had left a comment somewhere (I think it was Stu Rat...?) suggesting I get her and army that more reflects her true nature like Bloodletters of Khorne or Blood Angels Death Company... Which made her laugh... and laugh... and laugh...

It was a little disturbing, really...

When she was done with all the diabolical laughter she did mention maybe it might be fun if she had her own 40K force since it seemed like we were all playing that a lot - or at least PLANNING to play it a lot (and buying and painting stuff for it!). So I went over some of the options; Khorne and Blood Angels as had been suggested, as well as Space Wolves (which she had previously shown an interest in), and then I showed her the Adeptus Sororitas... 

She said she wasn't interested in getting any right now - she is still paying off a kitchen (and is probably waiting to see if the kids and I actually DO end up playing with all the toys we've been buying and painting lately) - but MAYBE sometime, she might be interested in picking up a few of those Battle Sisters... 

Well, her birthday is coming up later this month, so I convinced the kids to split on a Adeptus Sororitas Canoness and a Battle Sisters Squad with me and I am planning to paint up for her for her birthday present from all of us. 

Adeptus Sororitas Canoness from Games Workshop

Now you might be wondering; "But Tim, if this is a birthday present, isn't it supposed to be a SECRET!?" It is supposed to be a secret. But Amanda never, ever reads this blog, so I'm pretty sure the secret is safe posting pictures of this here... In fact, I'm pretty sure no one who knows Amanda or that I know personally or game with locally even reads this blog anymore, so... 

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Should have the Sisters Squad in a week or so. Other things on the workbench include an Arvus Lighter, Some Seven Years War British, some Adeptus Arbites stand-ins and some more Shadespire miniature for my friend John. 

Over the weekend I'll probably be posting a report of the weeks gaming - as we've had a pretty full week of board gaming, and there might even be a 40K battle report...  


  1. Looks great and should be a nice gift!

    1. I never miss a post man, and check it pretty much every day.
      I'm trying to convince my kids to get me the new 40 K base box set as a birthday present. I'Can't afford it but the seem to have mountains of disposable income lol.

    2. Ha! Same with my kids! Well, Finnegan at least! The Girl spends money a bit quicker, but he's a good little saver!

      I had no idea you were still reading these as I rarely ever hear from you! Good to know!

  2. Replies
    1. Ah, okay! I should have guessed. But you aren't local, and I'm pretty sure you don't talk to Amanda much and won't go spoiling the surprise!

    2. Certainly wouldn't Tim, though a photo of her reaction will be fantastic!

  3. Lovely finish on your sister of battle, looking forward to the squad!
    Best Iain

  4. Nifty model and brushwork, Tim, and a good gift!

  5. Nice work, and it is always good to see some sisters.

    With plastics coming out next year, you could either count this as getting ahead of the bandwagon, or just painting practice for when you/Amanda really jump on board!

    1. Thanks!

      I did specifically put this on a plastic base (and I've based the rest of the squad on plastic bases), rather than put them on washers like I normally do, just in case Amanda does decide to expand the force and add some plastic Sisters in the future. That way they will all be based similarly.

  6. Great brushwork! Well done.