Monday, November 5, 2018

Ironskull's Boyz and Wall of Martyrs

A few more things rolling off the workbench that I finished up over the weekend....

First up; Ironskull's Boyz for Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire. These are for a friend of mine that bought into Shadespire last year. I painted the Stormcast Eternals over the Holidaze, got the Bloodbound Warband done a week later (so he could actually play the game). Then I got busy trying to get stuff done for the Shadow War: Armageddon Campaign.  Then I started dragging my ass on these and didn't get the Sepulchral Guard done until June... and I'd STARTED these around the same time... but then Imperial Knights (which I haven't even finished one of!)... and then Summer Holidaze... and then Kill Team... So I figured once ToonCon was over, these should be my FIRST PRIORITY! (Well, except for the rest of the Ad Mech Kill Team...)

Ironskull's Boyz for Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire (from Games Workshop)

Yeah, those are snowflakes on the ground... I like taking pictures outside in natural light. One thing I do like about winter is it is USUALLY overcast, but fairly bright (good light, but no hard showdows). The downside is snow and sometimes not-so-great light - especially in the morning.

Next, I finished up a section of the Wall of Martyrs Imperial Defence Line.

Wall of Martyrs Imperial Defence Line from Games Workshop.

I got this as part of the Kill Team: Wall of Martyrs Kill Zone. I probably didn't really NEED this one... I mean, I HAVE a pretty good trench system... But.. well... it was a "good deal"... (The set was $100CAD - the terrain, bought separately, would have been $125 - and the set included a bunch of scenarios and tactic cards and stuff...).

The front side of the defence line seems to be piles of discarded stuff - broken bits and dead bodies, the backside seems to be storage for extra supplies - crates or ammo or food, a barrel, etc...

This section of line holds an entire squad.

The box included two such sections of line, plus a modular emplacement and a bunker. I'm hoping, at some point, Finnegan picks up the T'au starter (which came out the same week as this Kill Zone and includes another section of the line) and he passes the terrain on to me to paint....

I forgot to take a picture of this on the Kill Zone board! it's pretty plain. Bare earth with a bunch of craters printed on it.

I have to admit, I haven't even looked at the scenarios or Kill Zone card or tactics cards... This is probably the most sparse of the Kill Zones...

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Hard to say... I'd LIKE to get more games of Kill Team in... but that seems to only happen on the weekend. As for painting? I did say I'd help The Girl paint some Mice & Mystics minis... I'd like to get some more of this Kill Team terrain done (Wall of Martyrs, Munitorum, Mechanicus and Imperialis terrain still to do!)


  1. The trench defences turned out excellent Tim! The Bronze sections really stand out.

    1. Thanks, Terry! The big shiny metallic aquillas on the pre-fab trench sections don't really make must sense to me... until you stop and think and realize NOTHING in 40K makes any sense... then it all makes sense...

  2. I like the orcs! I'm working on them at the moment too!

  3. Yes, excellent work! The boyz look like tough customers, and the trench line looks great, too. You do a very nice job picking out the details while keeping things similar enough that they look like they belong together.

    Helping The Girl with the Mice and Mystics minis sounds good. :)

  4. The “Wall of Martyrs” - one of those whacky things I wish I had taken the time to purchase myself. Great work Tim.

    1. Thanks, Greg! Pretty sure they are still available if you need one...?

  5. Nice orcs, you know what I mean, and one can never have enough trenches, except possibly you already do ! Great finish on something that doesn't make sense but with 40k you have to suspend rational thought and go with it I find!
    Best Iain