Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Dark Reapers

After a brief distraction with the Red Redemptionists, I'm back to painting the Eldar I need for the Battleforce: Recon tournament next month. (Actually I STARTED those Red Redemptionists BEFORE I started on all the Eldar, so, it's more that I took a break from the Eldar to finish off something that I'd already started).

These are a relatively recent acquisition - most of the Eldar I'm painting up I've had for years and just never gotten around to painting them. I never had any Dark Reapers, though. I didn't really NEED them as I have three Wraithlords, which would take care of any Heavy Support requirement to fill out a Brigade detachment... but this batch popped up on eBay and weren't too outrageously priced, so I picked them up to have a few more options.

(Also I saw some Knight players moaning about Dark Reapers on a thread somewhere - and as there are so very many Knight players around here, I figured they might be something handy to have - though I have to admit, I'm not sure why they were so terrified by them...? Maybe they were fielded in much larger quantities...?)

Asuryani Dark Reapers from Citadel Miniatures/Games Workshop.

Sometimes I hate posting pictures... especially small groups or individuals - as the pictures get blown up so much larger than the figure actually is and magnifies any poorly done bits... ugh... (I'm not super happy with how their faces turned out) Got to remind myself, NO ONE WILL NOTICE ON THE TABLETOP!!! Moving on....

Usually Dark Reapers are painted with red and/or white helmets and Reaper Launchers, but I've been trying to tie the whole Biel-Tim Warhost together with purple helmets and green weapons one EVERYONE (from Guardians, to Warlocks, to Aspect Warriors) - so I've stuck with that pattern here, albeit with a darker green for the weapons and a more reddish purple for the helmets....

The Warhost Gathers....

I've been reading Gav Thorpe's Path of the Warrior (the first book in the Path of the Eldar trilogy) and that's been making me want to paint the Striking Scorpions I have (even though I have no plan on using them in my tournament force) as that is what the main character is. I'm almost done thought and then I'll be on to Path of the Seer - hopefully that will make me forget about the Striking Scorpions (for the time being) - and will only inspire me to finish off the remaining Warlocks - of which there are only two or three... and they're mostly finished anyway...

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Wraithlords. Yeah, pretty sure it'll be the Wraithlords. though I've been jumping around a bit, work on the Warp Spiders has been going very slowly, and I haven't even touched the Swooping Hawks. I do have a few more Warlocks and a second Autarch on the workbench that I've been working on, bit by bit (that I totally DON'T need for the tournament - so should probably try and focus on the things that I DO need!!)

Monday, March 18, 2019

Return of the Red Redemptionists!

A month or so ago I picked up a few more Red Redemptionists of eBay and have been painting them over the last few weeks.

The new additions.

The whole gang.

Are they a "Gang"...? Or more of a Secret Society...? or Cult...? I suppose in Necromunda rules parlance they would have been a "gang", but fluff-wise there really more of a cult of fanatics. I wonder if they'll ever come out with new minis and rules for them in the new Necromunda?



Zealot - Because wielding an Eviscerator isn't crazy enough... he's got a FLAMETHROWER attached to the bottom.

Brethren or Crusaders

These guys will most likely see action as baddies in Wrath & Glory - though I thought it might also be fun to field them as a unit of adepts in an Inquisitor's retinue in 40K - or maybe Kill Team, if they ever come out with rules for Inquisitorial Kill Teams (or perhaps I should say "WHEN"... I'm sure it's coming this year!)

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Something Eldar...

Lots of distractions on the workbench... I've been back and forth on a few things. Dark Reapers and Wraithlords are probably the closest to completion.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Aeldari Autarch

This is not something I needed for the force I'm preparing for the upcoming tournament... but I felt like doing it anyway....

Autarch Xidrilliel

This figure that I'll be using for an Autarch is actually from Hasslefree Miniatures. I picked it up ages ago (over a year, maybe two) knowing I'd want to use it in my Eldar Warhost whenever I got around to painting it up. Originally I thought I'd use her as a Warlock, but realized recently (while actually reading the Codex!) that she would make a much better Autarch.

Being from Hasslefree, the model tends to be a bit slighter than others - especially older metal GW minis.

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Probably Dark Reapers or Warp Spiders. I've started on both. If I were a betting man, I'd put my money on Dark Reapers (simply because there are fewer of them).

The Redemptionists still sit there, languishing, half done... probably MORE than half done...  but I've got other priorities at the moment...

Still trying to find a time that the kids and I can have an epic Eldar vs Ork throw-down...

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

The Farseer's Council

Well... Now I can field a "Battalion" detachment of Craftworld Eldar....

An Eldar Farseer and two Eldar Warlocks from Citadel Miniatures/Games Workshop

Farseer Thymiltelyir

"No, wait... it was THAT way! (Sorry guys, the runes were a little unclear...)"

Warlocks Adrellewi and Bro'wyn

"Ooooh! is that genuine Xoxigar Flyger pelt?"

"Yes it is!"

"Ooooh! So fashionable... wait... I thought you said you were a vegan...?

"Shut up!"

The "Battalion" Detachment. This includes:

Headquarters (2-3)
Farseer with Shuriken Pistol and Witchblade - Power Level 6/110 points
Warlock with Shuriken Pistol and Witchblade - Power Level 2/55 points
Warlock with Shuriken Pistol and Witchblade - Power Level 2/55 points

Troops (3-6)
Dire Avengers (5) with Avenger Shuiken Catapult and Plasma Grenades (Exarch has Shuriken Pistol and Dire sword) - Power Level 3/56 points
Rangers (5) with Shuriken Pistol and Ranger Long Rifle - Power Level 3/60 points
Rangers (5) with Shuriken Pistol and Ranger Long Rifle - Power Level 3/60 points

Total (so far):
Power Level: 19
Points: 396

I still have a couple Wraithlords, four Dark Reapers, seven Swooping Hawks, and eight or nine Warp Spiders to finish up to Brin this up to 1000 points. Still have four and a half weeks to go. No problem.

I've been working on some background fluff for my Aeldari Warhost - I hope to have something I can post in the near future.

It'd be fun to get these guys on the tabletop sometime soon. Maybe against one of the kids.... or I could team up with The Girl's Aeldari and battle against Finnegan's Orks.

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

More painting... probably... I still have Warp Spiders and Swooping Hawks and Dire Avengers and a pair of Wraith Lords all sitting on my workbench to paint up to finish off my 1000 point Warhost for the upcoming Battleforce: Recon tournament in April. Of course I also have a pile of Necromunda Gangers and a handful of Imperial troops still on the workbench as well...

Sunday, March 10, 2019

MORE Aeldari Rangers

Following hot on the heels of my first batch, here are some MORE Aeldari Rangers!

A second squad of Aeldari Rangers from Games Workshop.

These I did on the reverse side of the "reversible cloak" I painted on the others. Still with the alien camouflage. I've feeling like the black on this one made it a little too stark - the blues and greens were a bit more subtle. Maybe I could have used a dark brown...? Ah, well.. I'm not going to repaint them or anything...

I have one more squad of five rangers to paint up at some point, but I'm going to wait on this for a bit, as I have other things I need to finish up for the Battleforce Recon tournament in just FIVE WEEKS!

The force so far - Could put together a pretty good Kill Team out of this lot...

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Probably more painting updates. The REdemptionists are still on the workbench, but all the Eldar I need for the tournament are also on there now... Not sure which I'll do next...

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Aeldari Rangers

I've decided to work on some of the Aeldari figures I've collected up over the last few years. Though I've been meaning to get working on them for some time, the impetus for this was seeing all the other people playing Imperial forces at the Battle of the Abyss last weekend. I don't think there was anyone at all playing Eldar, so the likelihood of me having to play "blue-on blue" games at any local events I happen to attend should be greatly diminished. Also if I have two full-sized opposing forces I'll be able to set up games, with narrative scenarios, that no one has to bring minis to.

I think the Eldar were my first 40K love. I can't say they were my first 40K miniatures, as those would be that original box of plastic "beaky" marines - the very first 40K minis that were available at the Wizard's Corner - my FLGS in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada in the late 80s). I also bought a few Space Orks - a few Gretchin that were produced under license by Rafm at the time (which I think were the first METAL 40K minis I saw at Wizard's), the box of space Ork raiders and I'm pretty sure I had a buggy and a wartrack/flamer at one point - they were mostly picked up to have an opposing force - and because my first Warhammer Fantasy Battles army had been Orcs (though that force was composed of almost  entirely of Ral Partha miniatures). But the first real force that I but a number of units for , and thought of as MY force for this game, was the Eldar.

It was pretty much all Guardians - as that was all that was available at the time - and a Wraith Lord (though it was called an Eldar "Dreadnought" at the time) and a tripod mounted lascannon. Later I think I picked up a few Rangers and Dire Avenger-like figures as they were the first Aspect Warriors to make it into the store. Actually, a couple of these Rangers I'm painting up are ones I've had for 30 years and stripped and am repainting to match all the others I've picked up more recently.

(Oh, I also had some Harlequins - which I still have, original paint jobs and all - but nowadays they're sort of a separate faction - I'm talking about the Asuryani - the Craftworld Eldar - here).

Over the last decade or so I've been re-collecting up Rogue Trader era Eldar. It started when I was putting together a few sci-fi forces to play with Savage Worlds: Showdown. The force got a considerable boost when I acquired a number of Aspect Warriors in a trade with my friend Cory. And I've continued to pick stuff up - especially when I could find a really good deal on them (there were a LOT of good deals around the time 7th Edition was winding down... not so much since 8th kicked off though). The only stuff I've picked up over the last year were a small handful to complete units that were a figure or two short.

Taking stock of this mountain of unpainted lead, I figured I have enough to, once it's all painted, field a rather large "Brigade" detachment of about 100 Power Level/2000 points - and two Auxiliary Super Heavy Detachments totalling another 92 Power Level/1900 Points (If I just picked up one more Lord of War, I could field a complete Super Heavy Detachment....?).

In the meantime, however, I am trying to put together a 1000 point force for the upcoming Battleforce: Recon tournament coming up in April - just five weeks away! I had hoped I might be able to squeeze in a Brigade detachment, like I did last year with the Tallarn (using the cheapest possible options - minimal unit sizes ). But it just wasn't possible with Eldar, so I'll be fielding a "Battalion" detachment with a Farseer, a couple of Warlocks, two units of Rangers, single units of Dire Avengers, Swooping Hawks,  Warp Spiders, and Dark Reapers, and two Wraith Lords... I have NO IDEA if it will be any good... but I think it required the least number of minis... and it looked like fun... the Rangers, Warp Spiders and Swooping Hawks are all "deep striking" units - they can be set up in reserve and brought on after the first turn anywhere on the board that isn't within 9" of any enemy units. Although, last year we played on extremely small tables (3'x4' - half of a 4'x6' table) and there wasn't much space that a unit could deep strike INTO!

This unit is made up of old metal Eldar Ranger figures from Citadel Miniatures/Games Workshop.

These Rangers I actually started about a month ago. I was painting them in case they were needed for player characters in the Wrath & Glory RPG Weekend - y'know, when I foolishly thought we MIGHT actually get through all five adventures... ha... ha... ha....

Rather than some sort of terrestrial coloured camouflage I went with something far more alien. The smocks are reversible (on a few you can see an alternate reddish/warm colour camouflage pattern peaking through) - the next unit I'm working on will have the reverse side on. I have a third unit that I will likely paint in an altogether different scheme (probably yellows and browns...?).

If I could find a few of the metal versions of the newer Ranger models I might like to pick up a unit of those, just because I think they look interesting.

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

The Redemptionists are still on the workbench and very nearly complete - as are a pile of Ratskins... but I have a feeling it may be the second unit of Rangers that get finished up next.

I may try and sneak in a game of 40K or Kill Team with Finnegan on Sunday...? He figures he'll be finished all his course work for the science class he's working on later today, so I thought it would be fun to play some games together before he launches into his next class on Monday or Tuesday. I've been toying with the idea of playing full-sized 40K games with the Kill Team turn sequence - with some alternating activations - just to shake things up a little!

Also The Girl has finished painting her Wraith Knight - she just needs to finish up painting the base. When she gets that done I'll likely post pics of it here as she's done a really good job on it.

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Dwarven Torchbearers and Necromunda Ratskins

A couple odd and sundry items coming off the workbench today...

First a couple of torchbearers from Lead Adventure Miniatures. these guys have actually been sitting on my desk, finished, for a couple weeks now... and it looks like one got dinged in the process and chipped the paint on his torch! Bother!

They're fun little minis. I'm not ENTIRELY sure how they got back on my workbench, when it was cleared of all fantasy projects some time ago... I think around the time John dropped off some figures he wanted me to paint for him for Frostgrave I was doing some organizing and putting away of things and happened to look in one of the Dwarf drawers and noted how very, very close these two were to being finished, and I plucked them out and put them on the workbench to finish off. I might have had some daft notion of painting up a handful more to use as a Dwarf war band for Frostgrave... but then quickly discarded that notion, as I have far too many other things I'd rather be painting and I have no shortage of ready-to-go Frostgrave warbands, should I, at any point in the near future, feel the desire to play... probably use these guys as rogues or thugs.

Next, some more old school, metal Necromunda figures. These guys are Ratskins. Denizens of the deep, deep underhive that live as almost primitive tribes and subsist on hunting giant, mutant rats.

I decided to go with very pale skins - figuring if they'd lived in the deep dark underhive for generations and generations without ever seeing natural light they might have mutated/evolved so... like albino alligators living in big city sewers.

My friend Paul was getting rid of these and I gladly took them off his hands. I'm getting to have a signifiant collection of these old necromunda figures. They are a lot of fun. Great sculpts, lots of character - and perfect for gangs of ruffians player characters in Wrath & Glory might run into in the Hives of the Grim, Dark Future. I have a few more of these - a dozen or so, in total - plus Some Cawdor gangers (some done, and a few more on the way), the Redemptionists (a few of which I've recently completed, and some more on the workbench), and a few random others... I wouldn't might tracking down a few more Escher gangers.

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

More painting... first I'll have the rest of the Red Redemptionists. After that...? Probably Eldar... and then MORE Eldar... and then, STILL more Eldar... and then some rats...

I registered for the Battleforce Recon Tournament last night and, as I've mentioned in a few posts, I've been thinking about working towards finishing up some non-imperial forces. I have piles and piles of old Eldar and Harlequin figures I've been accumulating for some time, but never gotten around to painting. The Battleforce Recon tournament is a "fun" tournament and has some considerable restrictions on the forces that can be used; 1000 points (a relatively small force), one detachment only (no spearhead or supreme command detachments - and I think there were a couple others not allowed), no miniatures with more than 10 wounds and no units that are more than 11 Power Level (or maybe it was; you are allowed ONE unit that is more than 11 power level...?), no more than three of any one unit type - other than Troops, and No more than 60 models of the Troops type!

Originally I thought I might try to field the Harlequins - as I already have a few painted - and hoped maybe painting the two additional troupes (13 figures) I have could get me close to 1000 points, but it only totalled up to just over 800...

So, I have plotted out a force I might try that requires that I paint 32 Eldar figures (and two Wraith Lords) in the next five weeks... which, I could probably pull off... and it would really jumpstart my force of Eldar! Adding a detachment of Harlequins to them, I'd be able to field 1800 points/90 Power Level of stuff!! Over half way to an Aeldari force for next year's Apocalypse event!

After that I'm going to try an knock off a bunch of the stuff that John's brought me over the last month or so...

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Battle of the Abyss

The Warmaster had sounded the Call, and Legio Amare Feles had answered. Though a shadow of their once great former selves the three remaining engines, their brave crews, and support personnel  embarked at Xoxigar Secondus - their home forgeworld - and travelled forth to Malice, where the enemy had decided to make their stand... 

This weekend I attended the Battle of the Abyss - an annual apocalypse event held here in Saskatoon. This was my first such event and only the second 40K tournament I've ever been to.

It was a team event - two players joined forces to field 300 Power Level (~6000points) of stuff. The players could each have up to four detachments. I partnered up with a fellow named Halsten. I'd heard he was playing Mechanicus/Knights and I had lots of Imperial Guard and a Warhound Titan, and figured we could probably put tougher a decent force. Originally I was going to take the one Warhound and the Shadowsword and a Brigade Detachment of the Tallarn.... But, then I got another Warhound Titan... an then a Reaver Battle Titan... and we thought it would be funny just to take those. The three titans totally 270 Power Level - so Halsten only needed to bring his 30PL Knight Valiant.

Our force looked like this:

Team: Big Cogs Keep on Turnin’

Tim's Force

Super Heavy Detachment 
- Ecrite Arcus maniple of Legio Amare Feles
- Adeptus Titanicus - +1 Command Point
Lords of War (3-5)

Reaver Battle Titan - Leonem Caeruleum
-First Princeps Ilyan Curtis, Moderati Petrus Hook (Steersman), Moderati Bernhardt Sumner (Sensors, Communications, Weapons), Tech Priest Mor-15 and Tech Priest Gi-16-ERT.
- 120 Power Level – Warlord
-Apocalypse Missile launcher, Dual Turbo-Laser Destructor, Titan Inferno gun, Titanic Stride

Warhound Scout Titan - Tigris Viridi
- Princeps Mozzer, Moderati Joyce (Steersman) and Moderati Marr (Sensors, Communications, Weapons), Tech Priest Ro-Urk350 and Tech Priest Pom-Fret681.
- 75 Power Level
- Dual Turbo-Laser Destructor, Titan Vulcan Mega-bolter, Titanic Stride

Warhound Scout Titan – Pardus Purpura
- Princeps Smythe, Moderati Cooper (Steersman) and Moderati Gallup (Sensors, Communications, Weapons), Tech Priest 0-Donnel and Tech Priest 6-Abrels.
-75 Power Level
- Dual Turbo-Laser Destructor, Titan Vulcan Mega-bolter, Titanic Stride

Detachment Total Power Level: 70

Halsten’s Force

Super Heavy Auxiliary Detachment 
– Imperial Knights – 0 Command Points
Lords of War (1)

Knight Valiant – Dragonslayer
- Konungr Sigurd
- 30 Power Level – Warlord

Detachment Total Power Level: 30

Force Total Power Level: 300


The Great Enemy had succeeded is sewing confusion among the arriving Imperial troops. The befouled the noosphere with virulent scrapcode and combat cogitators frequently misinterpreted friendly returns as that of the Enemy and much unintended infighting ensued. 

There were 32 participants in 16 teams playing at eight 6'x8' tables. Each table had static terrain set up and there were seven specific missions (one for each table - though two tables had the same mission). Unfortunately, about 75% of those teams were Imperial forces of one sort or another... 

All the scenarios were outlined in the mission pack that I was able to download and read through before the tournament. 

Most of them the first player was determined by bidding for how long you were going to take to set up (between 30 second and 5 minutes - in 3 second increments) the lowest bidder would pick their table edge, set up first, and then take the first turn IF they could set up within the time they bid. 

Having only FOUR models in total, I was pretty certain we were going to get the first turn - always - 


Legio Amare Feles were ordered to destroy a factorum that had, according to the latest intelligence data, fallen into the hands of The Enemy. It was imperative that they technology and stores and materiel within did not fall into their hands! Unfortunately, the factorum had not ever fallen into the Enemy's hands, and was currently guarded by the soldiers of the 222nd Hesperan Infantry, supported the 1st Hesperan Armoured regiment as well as a number of Mechanicus Knights... 

For our first game we played Mission #1 against The Steel and Salt (John and Ben) 

The one exception to the set up/start rules was Mission #1... for some reason you still bid for set up and the lowest bidder set up first and was considered the "attacker".... but the defender got to shoot first - Oh and the defender also had to set up have (in terms of number of units) their forces in reserve and would come on in the second round.... 

To WIN the attacker had to destroy a building in the defenders set up zone... the building itself was Toughness 9 had 40 wounds and a 2+ save AND VOID SHIELD saves of 3+... If the attacker destroys the building they win. If they don't they lose... so the attacker has to direct a cRaZy amount of firepower at that building to have a hope of levelling it in four rounds (did I mention all the games are only four rounds, oh, they're four rounds all right!) 

I briefly considered trying to convince Halsten to bid 5 minutes on this one and be the defender... but we ended up being the "attacker".... 

All set up and ready for Game One. 

The defenders all set up... Ben's force was three knights and two armiger and John's force was a Shadowsword superheavy tank, a Crapload of Leman Russ tanks and a pile of infantry - there was enough units of infantry, that they left those in reserve and we had to face the full might of their massed tanks and Knights... 

The confused returns indicated a heavy enemy presence before the target factorum. 

The two Warhound Scout Titans, Tigris Viridi and Pardus Purpura, flanked to the left of Leonem Caeruleum, the Reaver Battle titan.

Unsure of who these approaching engines of war belonged to, the soldiers of the 1st Hesperan Armoured decided it prudent to shoot first and ask questions later... 

Halsten, in the middle, flanked by John (left) and Ben (right). They utterly HAMMERED us. They took down the Reaver Titan on their first turn, before it even had a chance to get a shot off.... Mind you, it took a Shadowsword, five Leman Russ and a couple Knights to bring it down...

The volume of fire compelled the Reaver Titan to fall back, The Enemy would not be allowed an Engine Kill here today.... 

While The Enemy were distracted with the Reaver, Tigris Viridi and Pardus Purpura, launched their attack on The Enemy's flank. The Shadowsword superheavy tank was destroyed. 

With the Reaver retiring, however, The Armoured fist was able to turn it's attention to The Warhounds. Their concentrated fire severely damaged Tigris Viridi and it to was compelled to withdraw. 

Reinforcements arrived, along with a second Shadowsword! 

(In the event all teams had access to a stratagem that cost 2/3/4 Command Points that allowed them, as the end of their movement phase to bring on forces that had been previously lost in the game worth 10/20/30 Power Level... Wasn't very useful for us as only Halsten's Knight had a low enough Power Level that we could even possibly make use of the stratagem... and we'd have to spend ALL of the command Points we had to make that happen...) 

With the Reaver out of the way, the Knights of the Cog were able to turn their attention towards the Engines as well. 

Eventually one of the Knights of the Cog figured out what was going on and was able to secured a tight beam communication line with Leonem Caeruleum and sort out the situation, but not before the Warhounds sustained grievous damage... 

Turn three... only thing we had left on the table was one Titan.... with two wounds remaining. They finished it off with their first shots.

I expected to lose some titans in a few games... but WOW... what a discouraging was to start the event - tabled at the beginning of Turn Three!!!

The confusion and damage done to both parties was regrettable, luckily the vast resources of the Mechanicus on Malice were able to see the three engines repaired and returned to action in the very short time... 

Ben's force of Mechanicus Knights. 

He scrath-built a cockpit interior for one of them! 

Elsewhere during round one of the event:

Another Warhound Titan - owned by Jeremy.

His force faced an Imperial guard force of massed artillery (and massed air units!)

The "Hipster Knights" setting up to fight some genuine Chaos dudes over an Ork Scrap Pile.

So. Many. Knights!


This was definitely one of the craziest scenarios - there was six scrap piles surrounding a Gargant under construction. Teams scored victory points by controlling scrap piles... but once per turn the Gargant  unleashed a blast from it's Mega-Supa-Kill-Cannon and destroyed one of the scrap piles, and all units that were contesting it!? Yikes!

Table next to ours had some more Knights and Custodes fighting a swarm of T'au.

The T'wu had a big flying thing and some pretty huge walker thingies.

Man, we are just living the dream of playing Battletech in 28mm...

The battlefield on each table was made up of two 4x6 matts butted together. This was an odd one - though there were two mats on this table - they weren't considered contiguous. you couldn't simply drive or walk from one to the other or target an enemy on one from the other - because one was considered UNDER the other and you could only move between them via teleporters, or lifts, or... something...? More Guard and another Team of T'au

M'reens of some variety or another...

Fighting a Hierophant Bio-Titan!! aaaaand apparently a Shadowsword...?! Genestealer Cults, perhaps?

A force of Necrons teamed up with... Marines...? Fighting more Imperial soup...?

Oh, yeah, and some dude from Regina drove up for the day and brought along his Foregeworld WARLORD TITAN!!! It was pretty insane looking. I'd kind of wanted to see if I could set up my titans with it to get some comparison shots, but he ended his last game before us and put it away...


Confusion still reigned supreme among the forces of the Imperium. While the Mechanicum finally started sorting out the scrapcode that had infested the noosphere and could now identify each other, they were still having trouble identifying other imperial units.. 

In our second game we faced ANOTEHR force up Imperial types!

We played Mission #2 against The Hippos Gets a Bear Hug (Beau and Daniel)

I can't remember the fluff behind this scenario, but basically both sides had a building they had to defend. Teams scored two victory points for every wound done to their enemy's building... BUT Teams also got points equal to the wounds of each enemy vehicle they destroy...

Once again Leonem Caeruleum advance on the right...

...while the Warhound Scout Titans flanked to the left... 

Enemy Super heavies were engaged! 

In the first round each of the Warhounds destroyed a Shadowsword with their Turbo Dual-Laser Destructor and wrecked other stuff with their Vulcan Mega-bolters (took out a chimera and part of the embarked squad and severely damaged a Leman Russ). The Reaver damaged a Baneblade and a Leman Russ.

The Brave little Knight of the Cog charged right into the midst of the enemy and sewed destruction wherever it went! 

(as if anything about a Valiant is "little"... but Halsten's Knight wrecked another Chimera and messed up some guard and marines on bikes)

Pretty sure the tournament package said that to be used all models had to be painted to a three colour minimum... yet I saw so many primed black models... bare grey plastic models... This one didn't even have TRACKS on it!? Perhaps he was modelling these as the burned out wrecks he was expecting they'd become...?

Having finished off the Baneblade in front of it, Leonem Caeruleum started vaporizing Leman Russ tanks.

They used the Bring It Back stratagem to bring back one of their Shadowswords... which the Warhounds promptly blew up again.

In a last ditch effort to gain some points out opponents teleported in a PILE of Terminators that tried to charge the building and score a few points trying to wreck it up close and personal-like. They did do some damage to it - like, 20 wounds, which was worth 40 points... but by that time, we'd scored 146 points for destroyed vehicles...

The war hounds started blasting apart Terminators with their Vulcna Megabolters and destroyed another returned Shadowsword... The rEAver incinerated a unit or two or Terminators with it's Titan Inferno Cannon...

It was Brutal....

Elsewhere during Round Two:

In Game Two, Ben and John, who had defeated us in Game One, faced the Warlord Titan!

Titan-Killers that they are, they brought down the behemoth!!!

It was, apparently, a very close thing, however!

Cody and Jeremy face the T'au.

More Knights fighting T'au

Skiploads of Guard fighting buckeloads of Knights...

Sooooo many Knights....

While the titans were fun to play and all, and I love my Guard armies... coming out to this event really made me want to get to work on my Aeldari... or maybe an Ork or Chaos army...

I could get a couple of Stompas and team up with Finnegan next year....?

Necrons and marines fighting... other marines...?

The Gauss pylons looked cool... I have no idea if they did anything... but they looked cool.

Another fight over the Ork Scrapyard.

the one actual chaos force faced the massed artillery and massed airpower of the Astra Militarum.


So many GUNS!

Wicked cool-looking demon engine.

These guys had two Marauder Bombers, tow or three Vulture gunships and at least three or four Valkyries... it was CrAzY seeing them all on the table!


Finally Command got their poop in a group and set the engines of Legio Amare Feles against some REAL enemy...

For our third game we faced some gen-u-ine Chaos players - The Rust Buckets (Chad and Stuart).

The Scenario (called Birth of Chaos) involved first destroying two pillars, and then destroying an alter of sorts to the Chaos Gods... Not sure why the chaos guys would want to destroy it...?

Chad deploying his forces of the dark powers.

One victory point was awarded for each tower destroyed. each player was allowed to destroy two, but only one per turn. Once the towers were destroyed the Altar could be targeted. It had 100 wounds and teams scored 1 victory point per 20 wounds of damaged done to the alter.

Halstens Knight destroyed one tower each turn. During the first turn the Titans took out two Renegade Knights and did some damage to the Lords of Skulls and brought Magnus down to two wounds.

On rounds two, after Halsten's Knight destroyed the second tower, Leonem Caeruleum brought down the alter in a single round of shooting. BOOM. and that right there pretty much won us the game... but we kept going for secondary objectives....

Destroying the altar caused a big explosion which carried off a bunch of the chaos forces that had bunched up around it.

Pardus Purpura had a hard time dealing with these two armoured vehicles... and their laser cannons just kept poking holes in him...

Leonem Caeruleum just dealt death in which ever direction it faced. Armigers, Mortarion, Asorted Chaos dudes... all died before the might other Imperial God Engine...

And that was that... Nine hours of apocalypse gaming.

Elsewhere during Round Three:

Swarms of Knights fighting the Warlord Battle Titan.

I think a lot of knight got smashed...

T'au fighting massed Guard..

Am I the only one that hears Wagners "Flight of the Valkyries" when looking at this picture...?

Maybe they could have called this scenario "Xenos Don't Surf!"

Setting up to fight over the Scrap Pile again. These were two teams that has won both of their previous games (including Ben and John)


It was a crazy, crazy fight... 

Final Standings - Middle of the pack. Not bad considering I went into the game fully expecting to lose every game. Not by being tabled - mind you. I expected the majority of our stuff to still be standing, but lose due to victory points from not being able to hold enough objectives with our (numerically) small force, etc...

It was a long, but tiring day. Overall I really enjoyed the day. Played some fun games against some fabulous people. Totally looking forward to going again next year.

Big thanks to all the organizers who clearly put a LOT of work into making this even run to smoothly!

I should probably get signed up for the Battleforce Recon tournament coming up in April - I really enjoyed that one last year. I'd originally been toying with the idea of trying to finish up a Brigade of Valhallans by then... but now I'm wondering if I could get 1000 points of ELDAR finished up by then...?

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Hmmm... some painting...? maybe another battle report? When I got home Finnegan was asking what I was doing tomorrow and suggested he might be interested in a game of 40K or Kill Team.