Friday, January 11, 2019

Game Plan 2019 - Part Two

The other week I went over some of my hobby goals for the next year in Game Plan 2019. Since then I have spent much time considering how the heck I'm going to do any of it, let alone all of it!?


WELL! I think I've more or less come up with a plan to make sure we get through most of our Family 10x10 Board Game Challenge AND I get to play the additional games I have in my personal Challenge.

The 10x10 challenge requires playing at least 100 games in the year. Which is about two a week - a little less than two per week, actually. So I figured if we have two designated "Family Game Times" set aside each week, we should easily get through all those games. So we've kind of set aside Friday and Sunday evenings... Now not EVERY Friday and Sunday evening are going to work. This week, Amanda is at a First Aid class this Friday evening.... On Sunday I'll be playing a game of 40K with the fellow I'm going to be teaming up with for the Battle for the Abyss - Team Apocalypse Event.... Other Sundays we have tickets to Persephone Theatre... But there WILL be other times we can play games - and those will make up for any times we miss a Sunday or Friday game - or allow us to play, y'know, OTHER games.

The kids have two weeks off coming up in the next few months - on in February ("midterm break") and one in April ("Spring/Easter Break"). I'm quite certain we'll get some gaming in then!

I have six games on my own x10 Personal Challenge list. One of those is Wrath & Glory. I am currently planning to run a campaign starting in February on alternating Saturday evenings (the Saturdays my friend Bruce ISN'T running his Call of Cthulhu game). by the end of June, I'll have run 10 sessions... Hopefully it will continue past there, but we shall see...

The other five (40K, Kill Team, Coin Games, Eklund Games, and Dan Mercy Games) I plan to play on Saturday afternoons. As there are 52 weeks in the year, and 10x5 games is fifty games... I should be able to get those all played if I can managed to play one (almost) every Saturday - again, it is ridiculous to think I will definitely get to lay EVERY Saturday... but I'm sure I'll be able to make up a few games other times. Some days I'll probably get in a few games (like at the Apocalypse event - there are three rounds - that'll be three of my 40K games done, right there!).

I have made up new Challenge tables - and we've already knocked a few off. I need a place to post them somewhere in the house...


There is an awful lot of things I have that I really want to paint - and I want to paint ALL - RIGHT NOW!!! So I've had to do some prioritizing... For the next two months the main priority should probably finishing up things that I need to complete for scheduled events.

Five weeks from this evening I am running a Kill Team Campaign Weekend. I'm mostly good for miniatures - everyone is bringing their own (though I do have some miniatures my friend John dropped off to paint for his Chaos Cultist Kill Team - they are Space Rats... stay tuned for those!). Mostly I have a bunch of terrain I'd like to get painted up so I can have a half dozen Kill Zones that can be used by all the players. This mostly means finishing up the Mechanicus and Munitorum (and maybe the Wall of Martyrs) - the Imperialis Terrain might be nice, but not a priority as the planet it is taking place on has not been heavily populated for some time...

After that, there is the Battle for the Abyss - Team Apocalypse Event on 2 March 2019. I will probably need to paint up a few more things for that - depending on what I'm going to take for forces (which I'll be working out this weekend) Likely I will need three Tallarn Mortar teams and two more Scout Sentinels. Or... maybe I'll be painting the Reaver Titan... The team is allowed 300 Power Level - each player fielding 150 Power Level.  Each of the Warhound Titans are 75 each (150) and the Reaver Titan is, I think, 120 Power Level... leaving 30 to field... something else. My partner has Imperial Knights, so I think 30 points would allow him to field a Castellan...?

AFTER that is all sorted, I need to focus on Blackstone Fortress - as I would like to get playing that campaign by the end of March... (so much for me knocking off those models over the holidaze and starting the campaign in January! What was I thinking!?)

The rest of the year...? Well, I'll take it as it comes. Generally speaking I'd like to finish off the Valhallans, work on a few more Tallarn, get the Battle sisters done and at least a "Battalion" detachment of Drukhari for Amanda. I also have an Eldar force I've been piecing together over the years (decades!) that really needs to get some paint on it!! Maybe I'll throw some ECW or SYW historical into the mix - to play The Pikeman's Lament or Rebels and Patriots. AS I say, we shall see. After the Battle for the Abyss I will take stock of where things are at, where my interests are, what might have changed and reassess...

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

I am hoping tomorrow I'll get in a game of either Kill Team or 40K - and might find some time to put together a battle report Sunday morning.

After that, I have another 40K game scheduled for Sunday evening. Hopefully I'll get a game report of that posted early next week.

On the workbench, I've been all over the place - prepping and priming newly arrived models (from the spree in December) - including, but not exclusively, the Blackstone Fortress minis, the Reaver Titan, a few Eldar to finally finish up my forces, some more Grey Knights, and a pile of Space Rats.... Who knows what I might actually finish first...? The Space Rats are what I've been working on last, and have kind of jumped to the front of the priority list.


  1. Wow, that's a lot of games, still you might be able to do it, your setting yourself a fairly high target for figures too but then you have on past form been highly productive, Im glad you'll be reassessing halfway through the year because youll probably be into Napoleonics by then!
    Best Iain

    1. I do have a few Napoleonics! I was even looking at them the other day considering the possibilities of using them for small skirmishes with Rebels and Patriots....

  2. Sounds like a great plan for 2019, Tim. I may be moving so trying not to add too many more projects. That said, I may see about playing or hosting games more - which isn't saying much as I only play a handful of games throughout the year anyway! :)