Monday, May 13, 2019

Path of the Outcast

I finished up the Rangers I need for the Strange Bedfellows tournament coming up in June.

"Need" is a funny word to use there, as I did not NEED them at all. I have other painted rangers I could have used...

But they don't MATCH!?

It's true, I AM a special kind of stupid...

MORE Aeldari Rangers in the Cool Alien Camouflage (cool as in cool colours - Blue, Green, Purple... as opposed to the Warm Alien Camouflage).

One of them is a conversion that I used a Drukhari head on. not because I thought, "Hey, it would be cool to put a Drukhari head on one of these rangers...", but because one of the Ranger minis I got in the recent Big Batch of Eldar didn't have a head... and I had lots of Drukhari heads... and I recently read Path of the Warrior by Gav Thorpe and one of the Striking Scorpion characters is later revealed to be a Drukhari that was captured or surrendered in a battle against the Alaitoch craftworld and somehow became one of them...? I thought, of all the paths, the Path of the Outcast (which the Rangers follow) seems the most likely to take in wayward Drukhair... If you can call a Drukhari that no longer wishes to be a BDSM Murder Elf "wayward"...?

The Whole Squad

Because of the acquisitions made in the Big Batch of Eldar, I will, eventually, be able to field three full squads of ten Rangers!

Now you see them... you don't! Can you spot all the Aeldari Rangers in the Deathworld Forest!?

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog: 

The plan is to finish off all the stuff I need foe my own force THIS WEEK! That means six Wraithguard and ten Dire Avengers. Then I have FIVE WEEKS to paint 1000 points of Drukhari!


  1. Nice work! I can spot some, but more by seeing their bases. It does show how seemingly bright or gaudy camo can work well in the right setting.

    1. ...or the lighting is just bad...?

      I remember reading an article in a cycling magazine back in the 90s about a study in Britain that found that drivers were less likely to see a cyclist wearing one of the neon bright, but highly patterned jerseys that were popular at the time (compared to one wearing a not-so-bright, but solid colour)



  2. Great looking rangers! I keep painting the things I don't really need!
    Best Iain